There are variations of food you can choose from for your menu today. However, at least once in a while, it is recommended for you to choose pizza as your menu. The reason is because consuming pizza can offer you a lot of benefits for your health. Hence, you absolutely consider a pizza restaurant as one of the places to eat in boise, for example, if you are in Boise, Idaho at the moment.

So, what are the benefits that pizza has for your health? Here are, at least, 10 health facts that you need to know about pizza:

1. Is a pizza classified as a healthy food? The ratio in the combination of bread, sugar, cheese and other fats with vegetable toppings on a pizza is often not balanced. This makes the overall pizza is often considered as an unhealthy food.
2. The average size of 14-inch pizza contains 25% protein per piece.
3. The top of the pizza containing 15% fat and fatty acids as well as 7% cholesterol.
4. Do you want to make pizza as a breakfast dish? 36% of Americans consider pizza as the perfect breakfast dish.
5. The ketchup used on top of pizza contains lycopene which is good for health.
6. In 1970, the average slice of pizza has 500 calories, and now a slice of pizza contains up to 850 calories.
7. 62% topping pizza ordered in the United States is a meat topping.
8. How often do you eat pizza? 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.
9. What are the conditions in order to be a healthy food pizza? Pizza is healthy as it contains a little cheese as well as a little sodium and also has healthy toppings like vegetables.
10. Pizza is often classified as junk food, but not always. Pizza can be a healthy balanced diet with carbohydrate, protein, fiber, and more. You can try a homemade pizza with wheat-based ingredients and fresh vegetable toppings.