The 80s is one of the best decade that the movie lovers have gone through. There are a lot of movies that have been produced in the 80s that have left so much great memories for many movie lovers these days. That’s why there are numerous of Hollywood producers who are trying to remake the 80s movies, such as the superhero movies, king kong, the planet of the apes, and much more. However, there is one particular 80s movie remake that has become a total disaster, and that one is our beloved “Ghostbusters”. Visit the for the best movie review on the internet.

Who doesn’t love the group of nerds who are exterminating the evil ghosts with the high-tech gadgets? Yes, the ghost buster is one of best masterpieces that have been created during the 80s. There are so many people who are treasuring this movie as the best part of their childhood. However, the 2016 remake of this movie is ruining many people’s childhood. There are so many negative reviews from the TV and the Internet that have been criticized the 2016 remake of the Ghost Buster. Here is the big reason of why the Ghostbusters remake has become a disaster:

Too strong feminist impression and messages

It’s true that the ghostbusters’ director, Paul Fig is obviously trying to send a strong feminist message and impression in his movie. Although he can actually still do it without having to ruin the whole movie, he still ruins it anyway. He’s changing the whole male actors of the ghostbusters crew into the “all-female” crews. Furthermore, their jokes are barely funny. This article right here is not trying to attack any woman who tries to be a funny comedian, but to be honest, the male performers will be more suitable and funnier for the role of the ghostbusters crews.