Everyone has a different assessment. There are preferring to stay in the condo and there who prefer to stay indoors. But, what is the advantage that we can get out of what we choose? Here below are the benefits and drawbacks. If you want to live in urban areas are growing and strategically, the condo to be a solution to the most appropriate. Usually, someone building a condominium in a strategic location in the city center. That way, you can access a variety of business district, the center of education, entertainment, shopping malls, and super parquet with ease. With so can save expenses. In contrast to the condo, it was difficult finding a home in urban areas. Even if there is, very exorbitant price compared to the market price in other areas with the same specifications. Therefore, Grandeur Park Residence is here to help you get the condo you want.

Generally, the condo has a strict security system. Especially condos that have installed CCTV in various corners of the building. If you live in a condo, the number of theft cases is very small, is inversely proportional to live in the house. One of the advantages of living in a condo is, usually the manager provide regular maintenance services. Thus, the living environment you will still feel clean. Everything does not have to bother you care because it was in the care of the maintenance of the condo manager.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the condominium, which one you want to live in? A condo or regular house? It all comes back to your taste and needs. There is no harm in staying in a condo or stay indoors, because the most important of looking for a place to stay is a comfortable feeling, if you are comfortable, so wherever you stay will be fun.