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*Please Help* Regarding CD/DVD Burner

@#%#@ Cd Drive

[Resolved] Cd Rom Trays Opens After Icons Are Loaded.here Is Log File

[SOLVED] Cd Burner Won't Work

[SOLVED] CD Drive Doesn't Eject

[SOLVED] Cd Drive Won`t Open

[SOLVED] Cdrom Not Working; Won't Eject

[SOLVED] Cd-rom

[SOLVED] CDRW-pc Not Seeing Driver Cant Burn Cds

[SOLVED] Doesn't Recognize CD-ROMs

[Solved] Can't Eject CD From Burner

[SOLVED] CDRW Won't Eject

[SOLVED] Installed Cd-rw

[SOLVED] Installing Cd-rom


[SOLVED] Reformatting Hard Drive But Can't Find CD-rom

{RESOLVED} CD-Rom Button Doesn't Always Work


{RESOLVED} Audio From Burner And Cd Rom

{RESOLVED} CD-R/rw Rom Draw Stuck!

{RESOLVED}I Did Something With A Game CD

{RESOLVED}CD/CDRW Is Not Working Either.

{SOLVED} Cd Drive Works In Windows But Not In Dos With Dos Drivers Installed


{SOLVED} 1 Cd-rom Driver + 1 Cd Burner = A Huge Driver Problem

2 Cd Drives

2 Cd Drives - How Do I Know Which It'll Load From?

A Drive On Presario Laptop Does Not Recognize Inserted Disk

A Question About CDROM Drive

Accessing CD-ROM Causes Reboot In WIN98

Acer Cd-rw Drive Won't Eject

Acer CDRW Doesn't Work!

Acer 1032a CDRW Won't Work

Add Cd Drive To A Laptop That Does Not Have One?

Adding Cd-rom

After Installing Cd Burner As 2nd Cd Not There On Reboot.

Annoying CD-ROM Problem

Annoying Program

AOpen DVD-RW Doesn't Recognize DVDs But Reads CDs

Aopenduw1608/arr Reads Cd But Dosent Recognise Dvd

Audio CD Not Being Recognized By Driver.please Help!

Auto Eject Program

Batch File To Open Optical Disk Drives

Blinking DVD Burner

Both CD Drives Quit Working

Both CD-R Drive And Regular CD Drive Quit Working

Burner Wont Let Me Pick A Different Drive

Burner Won't See Disc

Cannot Eject A CD

Cannot Open Dvd Drive.

Cannot Use Any CD/DVD Player

Can't Access Cd _rom?

Can't Access Folders On Cd Drive


Cant Eject Disk After Writing

Can't Get A Cd Drive Out Of An HP.

Can't Install CDRW

Cant Load Cd Rom Drivers HELP


CD And Dvd Drives Not Working

Cd Drive

CD Burner Will Not Eject

CD Dive

Cd Burner Drivers Won't Load

Cd And Dvd Drive

Cd And Dvd Drive

Cd Crive Question

CD Drive And USB Not Working / Erratic

CD And DVD Not Working

Cd Drive Blues

CD Drive And Writer Not Working

CD And DVD Not Working.

Cd Drive (g)

Cd Drawer Gone Haywire

CD Drive (I:) !

CD Drive Activity During Backups

CD Drive Does Not Recognize Install Disc

CD Drive Causes Hang

CD Drive Won't Close

CD Drive Won't Up Or Download

CD Drive Won't Eject

CD Drive Keeps Randomly Ejecting

Cd Drive

CD Drive Won't Open

Cd Drive Is Unrecognized

CD Drive Causing Restarts

CD Drive Keeps Spinning!

CD Dosent Work At All T_T HELP!

CD Drive Won't Open!

CD Drive Not Recognizing Music Anymore

CD Drive Won't Play DVDs Or CDs

Cd Drive Location 0 (0)

CD Drive Issues

CD Drive Issue

CD & DVD Won't Read Correctly!

CD Drive Is Unattainable.weird

CD Drive Problems

CD Drive Problems!

CD Drive Doesnt "see" A Music Disk

Cd Drive Interrupts Music

CD Drive

CD Drive Won't Read Files

Cd Drive Not Working Right

CD Drive And Notepad

CD Drive Problems.

CD Drive Going Crazy

Cd Drives

Cd Is In But Computer Doesn't Think So!

CD Drive Reading CDs As Audio CDs

CD Drive Doesn't Like Game CD

CD Is Not Working But Light Is On And BIOS Recognizes.? What Should I Do?

CD Drive Not Functioning Properly

CD Isn't Being Recognized

CD DVD Will Not Eject

CD Drive Not Opening

Cd Drive Won't Refresh

Cd Dvd Drive

CD Player Not Responding

Cd Drive Won't Run

Cd Drive Riddle

CD Drive Doesn't Recognize CD's

CD Drive Nightmare!

CD Drive Does Not Recognize CD

CD Drive Making Noises On Bootup And Wakeup

CD And DVD Not Working?

Cd Drive Mayhem!

CD Drives Won't (totally)recognize In My Computer

CD Drive "busted"?

Cd Drive Is Not Working . Please Help

Cd Driver Malfunctioning PLEASE HELP

CD Drive (D)

CD Drive Jammed

CD Drive Crashes Computer

CD Drive Stays On When Computer Is Off

CD ROM Drive Trouble

CD Drive Stopped Working


Cd Dvd Rom Problem

CD Drive Locks Up

Cd Prob

CD Drive On My Modem Won't Let Anything Come Up

CD Drive Will Not Play CD's Recorded

Cd Rom Not Opening !

CD Rom & CDRW Drives Not Working After 2 Years Using XP

Cd Drives Won't Work(xp Problems?)

CD Drive Not Recognized.WHY?

CD Drive Window Will Not Open

Cd Drive Won't Activate

Cd Driver Not Working?

CD Drive Stuck Open

CD R Drive

Cd Rom Door

CD Drive Woes

Cd Drive Opening And Closing - It Wont Stop

Cd Drive Doesn't Respond When Media Is Put In

Cd Rom Burner Won't Burn Full Cd

Cd Drives Dont Work Anymore!


Cd Drive Opens On Its Own Accord

CD Drive Opening While Burning Videos.

CD Drive Or HD Problems!? Help!

CD Rom Drive Is Whack! Help

Cd Drive Door Not Opening

Cd Rom Is Having A Problem Running Copied Cds

CD Drive Not Working Code 42

Cd Rom Opens

Cd ROM Wont Eject Suddenly

CD ROM Drive Lights Up At START But PC Unable To Recognise Drive

Cd Rom Drive Cannot Be Loaded.

Cd Rom Tray Opens After Icons Load ?

CD Drive Door Opens By Iyself

Cd Tray Opening Coniniously

CD ROM Not Opening

CD Drive External Enclosures -- What Do The Dimensions Mean?

CD Rom Won't Play But Will Eject

Cd Rom Won't Work !

Cd Drive Going Nuts

Cd Rom Wont Work

Cd Won't Work

Cd Rom Will Not Open Installation Disk

Cd Tray Wont Close

CD Rom Will Play Music But Not Data

CD Writer Unrecognized

CD Drive Won't Work

Cd Rom Wont Recognize At All

Cd Drive Will Not Open

CD Tray Won't Stay In

Cd Rom And Cd Rw Drivers Do Not Play

CD Drive Doesn't Want To Read CD-RW

CD ROM Won't Run

Cd ROm Won't Run!

CD Will Not Eject

CD Won't Run!

CD Drive Messed And Floppy Dead!1111

CD ROM Runnimg For No Reason

Cd Rom Wont Stopping Spinning

Cd Rom Vanished !

Cd Rom Wont Work Help!

CD Rom Drive Stuck

CD Rom.Please Help

CD Drive Intermittently Working.

Cd Drive Won't Recgonize Cd In Tray

CD RW Drive Woun't Open

Cd Not Working At All

Cd Rom Drive Wont Open Freezing Up Computer

CD DRIVE Wont Recognized Video Files On My CD

CD Stuck In Drive (E:)

CD/DVD Drive On A HP All In One Computer

CD Drive Windows Display Previously Insert Disc Info

CD Will Not Open

Cd/dvd Drove

CD/DVD Rom Tray Locking After Use

CD/DVD Burner Doesn't Work

CD/DVD Drive - Not Loading?

CD-DVD Rom Not Working


CD-driver Un-installing


CD/DVD Drive Does Not Work.

Cd/dvd Room Problem

CD/ROM And Zip No Longer Working

CD/DVD Drive Doesn't Recognize DVD's.

CD/DVD Internal Disk Drive

CD/DVD Rom Not Working

CD-DVD Drive Locked In Application

Cd Roms Arnt Working!

Cd/Rom Wont Work

CD/DVD Rom Problem

Cd Rw & Dvd Rom Don't Work After Xp Upgrade

CD Rewriter Does Not Eject

CD Rom Drive Won't Load CD's

CD-Drives Refuse To Open.Help Pls

Cd Rom Problems Since Having A Cd Writer Installed

CD/RW Doesn't Recognize CD Inserted.

CD/DVD Making Noises When I Put Disc Into PLS HELP

CD/DVD Drive Issue

CD-DVD ROM Will Not Work

CD-DVD Rewriter Help Post

Cd/dvd Drive Won't Release My Dvd

Cd\dvd Rom Burner Drive Is Gone Dont Read Cds But Light Blinks PLEASE HELP

CD-ROM Drive Not Opening/loading

CD-Rom Just Disconnected.

CDROM Doesn't Work

CD/DVD Rom: DVD Part Not Working

CD-ROM Drive Locked/busy?

CD-Rom Drive Messed Up? Do I Need A New One?

CD-ROM Drive Touble

CDRom Drive Won't Open

Cdrom Drivers Won`t Load/ Be Recognized

CD-ROM Won't Detected

CD-ROM Drive Won't Open

CD-ROM Drive Not Always Opening

Cd-rom Lost

CD-rom Lost!

CD-Rom Won't Open Programs

Cdrom Probs

Cd-r Drive Gone

CD-ROM Powers Up Occasionaly

Cd-rom Isnt Recognized

Cd-rom Won't Open Without Restarting

CD-RW Drive Won't Open?

Cd-rw Hangs Pc When Accessing Explorer Or My Computer

CDROM Not Recognising Media

CD-ROM Drive Opens!

CD-RW Problem.help Me =)

CD-ROM Will Not Eject?

CD-Roms Not Working: Part 2

CD-rom CDRW Not Reconized For ME

CD-ROM Plays Some Programs Not Others

Cdrom Won't Work

CDROM Drive Acting Up.

CD-Rom Won't Open/load After Putting A Cd In.light Flashes.

CD-ROM Won't Work.

CD-ROM Drive Help


Cdrom And Harddrive Have Issues

CD-ROM Problems! Help

Cd's Wont Refresh When Put Into Cd Player (SP2 Prob)

CDwriter Is Being Recognised When I Try To Install Games

CD-rom Problem? Please Help!

Cdrom Stays In "

CD-ROM Will Not Operate Have Tried All The Other Things Suggested

Cd-rw Won't Eject Disk

CD-RW/DVD Drive Does Not Eject

CDRW Not Ejecting

CD-Rom/DVD Drive Problem

Cd-rw Drive Door Won't Open--windows Xp

CDtray Not Working

Cd's Aren't Working!

CD-Rom Won't Update Without Restart

Cd-rw Drive Jammed

Changed DVD Drive For Old CD Drive

Compatability Of My CD Drive

Computer Does Not Recognize CD Drives

Computer Freezing After Use Of CD Drives

Computer Recognises Installation Of Dvd Re-writer But Applications Do Not See It

Computer Seems To Think My USB Stick Is A Disk Drive

Computer Sees Dvd-rw Drive As Cd Drive/can't Burn Dvd's

CPU Doesn't Read CD ROM Or CD Burner

Dell Inspiron B130- CD-RW Drive Will Not Burn Cd's.but Thinks It Is Burning Cds.

Dell SX280 CD Drive Won't Open

Detecting CDRW

Disable DVD Player In WinXP Pro

Disable CD Drive Spin Up In Explorer

Disabled My Cd Drive Help!

Disc Drive Does Not Work

Disc Drive Won't Eject

Disc Drive Won't Open

Disc Tray Won't Open Using The Button

Disconnected My One And Only Cd-rom Drive

Disc Drive Problems

Disk Drive Issues

Disk Drive Not Opening

Disk Drive Door

Disc Stuck In Drive - Something Is Locking Onto It

Doesn't Recognize Or Burn CDs

DOS CD Tray Closing Program

Drive Doesn't Recognize Some DVD's

Drivers Not Loading For DVD & CD Drives

Dual Drive Issues DVD-drive And CD-RW Drive Please Help

Dvd / Cd Drives

DVD And CD Drives Not Ejecting

Dvd But No Cd

DVD / CD Rom Not Working Correctly

DVD Drive Malfunctioning- How Do I Fix It?

Dvd Burning Rom Won't Read Dvd's

Dvd Drive Willnot Install Anything

DVD Drive Isnt Happy.

DVD Game Does Not Work On TSSTCORP Drive

Dvd Game On A Cd Drive

DVD Drive Won't Open (Locked)

DVD Drive Does Not Eject

DVD And CD Drive - Combined?

Dvd Plays On 98 Not Xp

DVD ROM Not Working

DVD ROM On HP550 Wont Open!

DVD/CD Drive. CD RW Great DVD RW No Good

Dvd Rw Drive Help Please

Dvd/cd Drives

Dvd Writer Listed As A Cd Drive

Dvd/cd Rom Drive (no Recorder Found) I Tried Everything!

DVD/CD Drive Problem

DVD Reader/writers-- Won't Open

DVD/CD Drives Sticking

DVD Rom Quit Working ?

DVD Ram Drive Will Not Eject

DVD ROM Won't Copy Or Read! Properly

DVD-CD Drive For Toshiba Satelitte M35XS161

DVD/CD Drive

DVD-Rom Drive Doesn't Exist In Windows Vista

DVD/CD ROM Problem

DVD-ROM Tray Opes On Power Up

DVD Writer Won't Read Recorded Media - Please Help!

Dvd/cd-rom Not Working.

Dvd\cd Rom Problem

DVD/CD-RW Drive Isn't Being Detected

DVD-ROM Not Working!

DVD-ROM Not Working

DVD-rom Not Working Correctly

DVD/CD ROM Not Working

DVD-Burner Drive Doesn't Recognise Discs.

DVD-ROM & CDRW Drives Don't Rcognize Disks Unleas Rebooted.

Easy Question Re: CD Drive

Emachine Disk Drive Eject Help

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