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[Resolved] 100% CPU/ Virus?

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[Resolved] High CPU Usage

[Resolved] High Processor Usage

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[Solved] CPU Usage

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[Solved] CPU Usage At 100%

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[Solved] Win2K Pro Stuck At 100% CPU Usage

{Moved To Hardware} CPU Always Running

{Moved To Hardware} CPU Always Running

[Windows 7] Possible Malware. Extreme CPU Usage.

{RESOLVED}CPU Usage 100%

{RESOLVED}Processor Problem

{SOLVED} My Cpu Is Maxed Out All The Time

100% CPU Activity When Starting Win XP

100% CPU All The Time!

100% CPU In Use.

100% CPU Used When Using IE Or Firefox

100% CPU Usage After Full Reload

100% CPU Usage. Slow Response And Freezes.

100% CPU During Games

100 % Cpu

100% CPU Usage?

100% CPU Usage-Help!

100% CPU For Any Program Running

100% CPU Usage When Using IE

100% CPU Issue

100% CPU Use

100% CPU Usage No Sign Of Virus

100 Percent CPU At Every Function

100 % CPU Usage

100% CPU Usage On Start-Up

100%cpu When I Try To Install Anything

100 Percent CPU Usage Issue

100 % CPU

100% CPU Usage And Extremmmeeeeely Slow Laptop

100% CPU Usage And My Computer Locks Up From Time To Time


100 Percent Usage

100% CPU

100% CPU Usage At All Times

100% CPU Usage Problem -- System Running Extremely SLOW.

100% CPU Usage At Startup

100% Cpu Usage While Streaming On Any Web Browser

100% Cpu

100% CPU Usage VIrus?

100% Cpu Usage Bug

100% Cplu Usage While Running Certain Programs Like.

100% Cpu

100% Cpu Usage With Any Internet Program

100% CPU Usage Cannot Run Virus Removal In Safe Mode

100% Cpu Usage Causes Slow Performance

100% Cpu Usage With Int. Connection

100% Cpu Usage From Startup

100% CPU Usage When Trying To View Video

100% CPU Usage Has Become The Norm

100% Cpu Usage!

100% CPU Usuage

100% CPU On A Certain Program.

100% Cpu Utilization

100% Cpu Usage After System Restore

100% Cpu Usage

100% CPU Usage Even In Safe Mode ?!?

100% Processor Useage Shutdowns Everything

100% Cpu Usage On Start Up And Occasionally

100% CPU Usage Problem

100% CPU Usage

100% CPU Usage Vista Ultimate

100% Cpu Usage

100% CPU Usage - Possible Damage?

100% CPU Usage

100% Cpu Usage When Running Steam.

100% Usage Of CPU

100% CPU Usage . Need Help !

100% CPU Use In XP

100% CPU Usage & Slow Internet/email

100% CPU Load

100% CPU Usage When Using Any Browser

100% CPU Processing Power

100% CPU Usage When Playing Video.

100% CPU Usage On System Idle Process. (Not A Mistake)

100% CPU Usage

10-100% CPU Usage No Programs Running

100% CPU Usage. No Matter Which Browser I Use.

100% CPU Usage All The Time On Vista

100% CPU Usage While Idle

30 To 40% CPU Usage All The Time

4x CPU Usage For Programs

50% CPU Maxed Jumping From Program To Program

50% CPU Usage At Idle

50% Cpu Usage When Idle

50% CPU Usage With NO Programs Running. Spyware?

52% Memory And 25% Cpu Usage While Nothing Running

50 Processes 100% Cpu

50 To 60% CPU Usage Without Any Program Running

50% CPU Usage?

5% CPU Usage Acting Like It's 100% CPU Usage. Help!?

80+ Processes Running? Bogging Down. C+ Error?

99% CPU Usage While Displaying Video!

99% CPU Usage W/o Programs Running

97%+CPU Usage

99% CPU Usage

99% CPU Utilization Issue

Abnormally High Cpu Usage And Page File Usage

Abnormal Processor Usage And Very Slow Laptop

Abnormal Cpu Prob

Acer Aspire 1640Z System Process Running 40% Or Higher At All Times

Adobe And CPU Usage

Advertisements In Background + Hogging Resources.

ALL Non-responsive / Crashing At 50% CPU Usage?!

All Browsers Use 100% Of CPU

All Processes Using 100% CPU

All Programs Using High CPU

Am In Need Of Help Please! Machine Cpu Usage 100%

Always 100% CPU Usage! [moved From XP; Needs Security Help]

Anything With P2P Has 99% CPU Usage! (No

Apache Server Taking Maxing Out CPU Resources

Applications Use Too Much CPU

BF4 Limited Resource Usage

Big Cpu Usage Problem

Bloated Svchost.exe Bringing System To A Grinding Halt In Xp

Bogged Down Computer.suspected Spyware

Broswers Causing 100% CPU Usage

Browser CPU Usage Very High

Browser Causing 100% CPU Usage

Browser Freezes Up Cpu Usage Hits 100%

C Drive Maxed Out After Vista Reload

Clean XP Install Then SP3 After Format But Still High CPU Usage. Rootkit?

CMD32.exe Taking Over CPU Usage

Cmd.exe Eating Up 100% CPU Usage

Command.exe/Other Problems - PC Running Very Slow!

Computer Boots Really Slow Then Runs Fine. HJT Log Included.

Computer CPU Usage

Computer CPU Use Low

Computer Extremely Slow.CPU Usage Always At 100%

Computer Goes To 100% Cpu Usage

Computer Is Incredibly Slow And Runs At 100% CPU Usage All The Time

Computer Load High

Computer Occasionally Uses 100% Cpu In Games.

Computer Processing Too Much?

Computer Problems - High CPU Usage - Computer Lag

Computer Running At 98% CPU Usage

Computer Running At High CPU Usage

Computer Running At 100% Usage.need Help =/

Computer Running At 100% Usage

Computer Running Slow - Cpu Usage At 100%

Computer Running Slow - Cpu Usage At 100%

Computer Shutdown/ Scanning? CPU Usage?

Computer Slows Way Down And Say 100% CPU Usage

Computer Slows Down Every Now And Then. CPU Usage At 100%

Computer Virtually Locked Up Due To 100% Cpu Usage

Computer Slow / 100% Moderator For Assist

Computer Slow 84 Processes Running In Task Manager

Concerning CPU Usage

Constant 100% Cpu System Crawl Problems

Constant 100% CPU Utilization

Constant Cpu Usage Of 100%?!?!

CPU 100% When Accessing Control Panel

CPU Alway At 90 To 100% Usage!

CPU At 100%

CPU 100% No Process Visible.

Cpu 100% Why?

CPU 100% When Opening Programs

CPU 100% Problem

Cpu @ 100%

CPU At 50-80% Permanantly

CPU 100% Always

CPU @ 100% On Vista After Startup.

CPU 100% With Legit Programs?

CPU And Memory Low Rating

CPU At 90-100% All The Time

CPU At 100% And Running Slow

CPU At 50% Constantly.

Cpu 100%

CPU Always On 100%.

CPU At Constant 50% Use

Cpu 100% Browser Very Very Slooow

Cpu 100%?

CPU 100% Activity With UE3

Cpu 99%

CPU 55% Constant!

Cpu Abnormally High Activity.

CPU Activity Per Process

CPU 100% Usage Consistent.

CPU Completely Halts -- 100% Usage

CPU Activity Is Over 50% Even During Idle Time

Cpu 100% Usage

Cpu At 100% Usage All The Time

CPU At 100%

Cpu 100% Very Slow

CPU Constantly Running At 50-55%


CPU At 100%

CPU Extremely Busy

Cpu 100% Help

CPU At 100%.

CPU Cycles Slowing Down My PC

Cpu At 100 "Windows Vista"

CPU 100% Please Help!

CPU Is 100%.why?

CPU High When Idle

CPU Load = 0 !

CPU Is Running Too High

CPU 80-100% Usage

CPU Always At 100%

CPU Overloading At 100% With Common Tasks - I Can't Identify The Cause

CPU Is High

CPU Maxing Out

CPU Overtaxed

Cpu 100% Computer Freezes

CPU Always High

Cpu At 100 Percent All The Time With No Apps Running: Computer Slow As Molassas

CPU Maxing Out

CPU 100% Usage - Horrible Slowdown

CPU Loading At 50% With No Programmes Running

CPU 100% Used

CPU Excessive Usage!

CPU At 100% Task Manager Shows Nothing

CPU Loading Up At Start

CPU Runs At 100% When Opening A Browser

CPU 100% Jumping To Different Tasks

CPU Runs At 100% While Gaming

CPU Usage - Security Guard Utility?

Cpu Goes 100 %

Cpu 100% Not Showing Up In Running Processes

CPU Performance Issue

Cpu Over 50%

CPU Usage 100% Pc Slow Help!

CPU Runs At 100% While Playing Games

CPU Goes To 100% Utilization When Using Certain Web Sites Or Watching Videos; Why & H

Cpu Spikes With Some Programs

Cpu 100% Usage

CPU Going At A Crawl Doing Simple Tasks. HJTLog Added. Please Help

Cpu 100%!

CPU Usage 100% Slow Pc Hangs

CPU Jumps To 100% When Using Firefox

CPU Running @ 100%

Cpu High And System Is Very Slow

CPU Usage - What Is Appropriate

CPU Usage 100%

CPU Running ~100% Alot

CPU Usage 100% System Freezing

CPU Suddenly At 100!

Cpu Usage 80<>.100% Iexplore

CPU Huge

CPU Spikes And Slow System Clock

CPU Usage 100%

CPU Usage 100%

Cpu Pegged @ 100% Super Slow Desktop

CPU Usage 100% & Cidaemon.exe

CPU Usage %100? No System Resources?

CPU Usage 100%. Help Please

CPU Always At 100%?!

Cpu Usage Alwasy 100% Hijack Log Included

CPU Spikes From Close To 0% To Upper 70's

CPU Load Problem.

CPU Usage 100%. Please Help Me.

CPU Usage 100% While Ingame

CPU Usage 100%.HELP!

Cpu Usage 100%?

CPU 100% Usage

CPU Usage Always 100%

CPU Usage 15-20% Why?

CPU Usage 100% While Watching Online Videos

CPU Usage Always 100% (hijack This Log)

CPU Usage 50%

CPU Running At 99%

Cpu Usage 50% And Above

CPU Usage Always 100%?

CPU Usage 100% With Svchost.exe & Cctray.exe

CPU Usage 50-55% At Idle

CPU At 100%.why?

CPU Running At Hight Percentage

CPU Usage 60%? Is That Right?

CPU Usage (fluctuating)

CPU Process Always 100% And Fan Always Running

Cpu Running At Less Than 50%

CPU Processes Skyrocketing

Cpu Spiking And Slow Performance

CPU Usage 100% All The Time. HJT Here

CPU But NO Spyware?¿

Cpu Is At 100%

CPU Usage Always High

CPU Usage %

Cpu Usage Always High?

CPU Usage At 100%

Cpu Useage Help!

CPU Usage Eaten Up (always 100%)

CPU High Usage

Cpu Usage At 100%

CPU High Usage

CPU Usage Always Over 50%

Cpu Running High (hijak This)

CPU Usage Fluctuates Wildly

CPU Usage 100% (HJT Log)

CPU Used 100%

CPU Runs High Sporadically

CPU Usage - 25%

CPU Usage Reaches 100%

CPU Usage For "System" Abnormally High

CPU Usage 100% But Nothing Is Open.

CPU Usage 100% And Windows Shut Down Issues

CPU Usage At 100%? Help!

CPU Usage For All Browsers = 50% Or More

Cpu Usage Runs High

CPU Usage Runs Very High! HELP!

Cpu Usage Reading Wierd.

CPU Usage 99% After Installing Win2kPro

Cpu Usage 100% Help

CPU-intensive (but AV-clean) Executables Cause Sluggishness

CPU Running Very High

CPU Reach 100% With No Reason.

CPU Usage.

CPU Usage Shooting To 100% On Multimedia Applications

CPU Usage Seems High

CPU Usage 100% Known Previous Virus

CPU Usage High When Opening Programs

Cpu Usage Shows 100% In Taskmanager

CPU Usage Is Going Crazy

CPU Usage Seems Too High?

CPU Usuage 100%

Cpu Uasge To 100%

CPU Usage 100%. Browser Always Freezes And Or Wont Close

CPU Runnning At 100% With No Applications Open

CPU Usage Go To 50% When I Paste

CPU Usage At 60-100% When Idling

Cpu Usage Always Arnd 50percent*with Screenshot*

CPU Usage 100%. Hijack Log

CPU Usage Is High

CPU Usage Stuck At 100%

CPU Usuage Goes From 12% To ~29%

CPU Usage Goes To 100% At Random Times

Cpu Usage At 89%-100% Always

CPU Usage 100% How Do I Lower It? Pop-Up Says High CPU

Cpu Usage Suddenly 100%

Cpu Jumping All Over The Place And At 100% Sometimes

CPU Usage Is Off The Charts. Please Help!

CPU Usage Monitor

Cpu Usage Going 100% All The Time

CPU Usage At Max When IE8 Is Used

CPU At 100%?

CPU Usage Through The Roof!

CPU Usage - HJT Log

CPU Usage Through The Roof.

CPU Usage And Ram Abnormally High

CPU Usage To Goes From 0 To 35% Every Two Seconds

CPU Usage Not Passing 25% Of Capacity

Cpu Usage Help!

CPU Usage @ 100%

Cpu Usage Help Needed Badly

CPU Usage To High!

CPU Usage Is Queer

CPU Load Goes To 100% When I Watch A Video.

CPU Usage 100 And Found The Culprit. Now What?

CPU Usage UP! HJT Log

Cpu And Pf Usagr Is Very High

Cpu Usage Being Eatting Help.

CPU Usage At 100 Percent

Cpu Usage Of 100% When 2 Programs Run?

CPU Usage Is Running Too High

CPU Utilization Help

CPU Usage High - Computer Running Slow - Need Help Please!

Cpu Goes To 100% For Some Reason

CPU Usage High With Nothing Running

Cpu Usage Bounces Up And Down

Cpu Usage Hits 100% When I.

Cpu Usage/ Crashing

CPU Ussage When Idle

Cpu Loading Up

CPU Usage Off The Chart

CPU Usage Is Over The Roof. Help

CPU Usage Hitting 100%

CPU Usage And "not Responding"

Cpu Goes To 50% "randomly"

CPU Usage Is Too High

CPU Usage 100% - Maxed Out

CPU Usage In Search (Explorer)

CPU Usage Out Of Control! Please Review My HJT Log

Cpu Runs At 100% After A Short While

Cpu Usage High And Xp Slowwww

CPU Usage 95-100 Percent!

CPU Usage Issue?

Cpu Usage Very High

CPU Usage 60-100% When Idle

CPU Usage At 100% ?

CPU Usage Whil Watching Videos And Flash Videos

Cpu Usage!

CPU Usage Jumping

CPU Usage: % Always High

Cpu Usage Issues

CPU Usage Shoots To 100% Repeatedly

CPU Usage Spikeing When In Vista

CPU Usage

Cpu Usage Jumps To 100%

CPU Usage

CPU Usage Is 100 % All The Time

CPU Usage 100 Percent

CPU Usage

CPU USAGe Sometimes Go 100%

Cpu Usage Is 100%

CPU Usage Consistenty At 100%

CPU Usage At 100. All The Time.

Cpu Usage Pegged At 100%

CPU Usage High

CPU Usage Constant 100%

CPU's @ 100%

CPU Usage At Or Near 100%

CPU Usage Is At 100% And The Cpu Is Extremely Slow

CPU Usage Constantly Around 35-55%

CPU Usage Constintally High

CPU Usage Shoots Up To 100 Causing Lag Spike - Hijackthis Log INC

Cpu Usage Jumps To 100%

CPU Usage: 100%?

CPU Usage Is 100% Hijack This

CPU Usage Doesn't Add Up

Cpu Usage At 100% What Are All These Processes?

CPU Usage Leftovers After Removing VIRUS

CPU Usage Problem

CPU Usage Fluctuations

CPU Running High

CPU Usage @ 100% (XP)

CPU Usage Is Always %100 And Extremely Slow

CPU Usage Gets Very High + Several Other Problems

Cpu Usage Maxes Out When Usin Windows Media Player

CPU Usage High

CPU Usage Shows 100%

Cpu Usage High When Idle

CPU Usage 100% + 5 Second Freezing

Cpu Usage 100 % And Memory Usage Almost 2 Gb

CPU Usage Spike Every 2 Minutes

Cpu Usage High When Idle #2

CPU Useage 100%

CPU Usage 100% Even After Format My Laptop

CPU Usage 100% Explorer.exe Culprit (revisited.again)

CPU Usage Spikes - Malware?

CPU Usage 100% On Games PLZ HELP

CPU Issue. Help Please.

Cpu Usage Periodically Spikes To ~40% (every Few Seconds)

Cpu-100% ?

CPU Usage At 100% When Second Browser Win Open

CPU Usage Spiking And Unable To Start Adaware

CPU Usage At 100% All The Time

Cpu Usage Abnormally High

CPU Usage Running Extremely High

CPU Usage Spikes.not A Similar Thread.A HEAD-SPINNER!

CPU Usage Too High

CPU Usage At 100% After Starting An Application

CPU Usage Upto 50%

Cpu Uses 100%

CPU High

CPU With 0% Utilization Has 42C Temperature

CPU Using 100% All Of The Tim

CPU With 100% And Sluggish

Cpu Usage At 20% With No Processes

CPU Usage 100 Mem 0

CPU Usage Spike Promblem

Cpu Usage 100% - Runa5w32.exe

CPU Usage Always Says Close To 100% - Windows 2000 Professional

CPU Running 100%

CPU Running 100% With No Programs Loaded

CPU Usage Shoots To 100%

CPU Useage Always 50%+

CPU Usage Constantly Peaking At 100%

CPU Usage Shoots Tp 100% Repeatedly

Cpu Usage Usually At 100%

CPU Usage VERY High.

Cpu Useage At 100%

CPU Usage Going Upto 100% And Freezes Laptop

CPU Says 95-100% Computer Too Slow - How Do I Fix It

CPU Usage Problems

CPU Usage High

CPU Usage Programs Freezing

CPU Usage Is 100% - SLOW Computer

CPU Usage Randomly Peaks At 100 For Various Processes

CPU Usage Is Down In The Dumps - Told To Post HJL Here.

Cpu Usage Slowing And/or Freezing My Pc

CPU Working A Lot In Idle

Cpu Usage At 100 Percent.

Cpu Usage Keeps Maintain At 100% Help Pls

CPU Usage Becomes 100% And Computer Locks

CPU Usage Keeps Spiking To 40

CPU Usage Is 100% Due To Explorer.exe

CPU Usage Problem/slow Comp

CPU Useage Always At 100%?

CPU Usage At 100% Upon Opening ITunes

CPU Usage Is Too High: Help

CPU Usage Extremely High

CPU Usage Jumps To 40%

Cricket A600 A CPU Hog?

Csrss.exe Issue - Using Up Large Percentages Of CPU With No Apps Open

Daemon Tools Installed. 100% CPU Usage Problem.

Dad's Computer Is Running Unbearably Slow 100% CPU Usage

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