Since everyone doesn’t want the same type of funeral, they choose the different type of funeral. The best funeral service singapore usually offer various types of funerals, which means that you have more options. In general, religious and cultural traditions, personal preferences, and cost influence the funeral practices, right?

The first type is traditional full-service funeral. This type of funeral uses the hearse to transport the body of the deceased to the site of funeral and cemetery. This is generally the most expensive funeral type. If you want this one and can afford it, tell the funeral director or provider.

Direct burial is the second funeral type. Simply talk, the body is buried shortly after the death. It is usually done in a simple container. Compared to traditional full-service funeral, this costs less, so you can consider this as the best option, even more if you and your family have very limited budget. Additionally, the funeral home often charges an additional fee if you require a graveside service. Fortunately, you should not take this service if you want to save money or not need it.

Are you familiar with direct cremation? Without embalming, the body get cremated shortly after the death. In this funeral type, there is no visitation or viewing involved. You may also get additional charge depending on whether or not you choose additional service. If you finally choose direct cremation, make sure the provider also offers to provide an alternative container that is able to use in place of a casket.

Talk to your family members and choose the best deal, which will not burden you all since the cost of funeral becomes the concern. You can also call us for more info. Somehow, it is not good to rush your decision and choice, especially if you know nothing about funeral service.