Since water damage can increase the risk of mold growth, we are sure that you know how important H2O-R is. The presence of the numbers of restoration company seems like the great solution available out there. Before water damage repair and water removal. it is very important to assessing the severity of damage in order to determine what you will need. Don’t you know? There are the different categories of water damage.

Category 1 refers to clean water. On the other words, we can say that the water doesn’t pose a threat to humans. The possible cause can include the broken appliance or sink overflows. If you see clean water inside your home that makes your stuff floats, we are sure that you have no big worry since it will not lead the growth of mold with immediate cleaning up or restoration. The second category is gray water. This kind of water damage gets contaminated. It may also cause sickness of ingested. Since this comes from broken toilets, seepage, and sump pump, category 2 of water damage contains microorganisms. For the restoration, it would be better to let someone professional helps you instead of DIY restoration.

Have you ever wondered how the water change to be black? As mentioned more and more, there are various types of causes of water damage. That is why you see black water caused by sewage problems and the contamination of standing water. For your additional information, category 3 of water damage is unsanitary, as it contains and other organisms, which cause illness.

Yes, water restoration technician usually does the inspection before doing the restoration job. When inspecting your home, he tries to identify the class of water damage to be able to assess repair options. Due to class 1 is clean water, it is least harmful than second and third classes. Did you find that some of your goods get damaged, a carpet for instance?