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(Resolved) Program Exe.cd/dvd Player

( Atapi CD/DVD ROM Not Getting Detected In Device Manager & My Computer But Working I

(Solved) CD Rom Not Running !

**D Drive Problem**

[NEW] USB Removable Drives Not Working.

[Resolved] Cd Rom Problem

[SOLVED!] Cdrom Drive Has Dissapeared

[SOLVED] CD Burner Does Not Reconize Disk

[SOLVED] CD Burner Not Functioning Properly

[SOLVED] Cd Drive Not Working !

[SOLVED] CD-R Drive Not Recognized


[SOLVED] CD ROM Not Recognised


[SOLVED] Cd-cdrw Problem

[SOLVED] Cd-rom Drive Not Recognized

[SOLVED] Cd-rw Not Recognized

[SOLVED] Cd Rom Stopped Responding

[SOLVED] Cd-rw Drive Not Detected

[SOLVED] CD-RW Problem

[SOLVED] Cd-writer Not Deteced In Win

[SOLVED] DVD-Rom Drive Not Reading.

[SOLVED] D:\ Gone And No CDROM In Device Manager? Please Help!

[SOLVED] Harddrive Not Recognized

[SOLVED] CDRW And Reg Cd Rom Drive

[SOLVED] Computer Cannot Detect CD-RW Drive

[SOLVED] Having TroubleBooting-No CDrom Support

[SOLVED] How2take CD-rom Out Of Pc

[SOLVED] Trying To Install A New CD-ROM Drive. Can You Help?

[SOLVED] Zip Drive Not Recognized

[Solved] Windows 2000 & CD-RW Drives

[SOLVED] Windows Does Not Recognize CD-RW And ZIP Drive

{RESOLVED} Cd-r Suddenly Not Found.

{RESOLVED}cd Rom Problem

{Resolved} CD-RW Not Recognizing CD

{RESOLVED}cd-rw Install Problems



{SOLVED} CDR Drive Not Seen In Win 98

{RESOLVED}New Hard Drive

{SOLVED} CD-Rom Drive Not Detected By Windows

{SOLVED} Cdrom Not Detected

{SOLVED} No CD Drive Detected

{SOLVED}cd-rom Probs


1) Dvd Drive Not Recognized 2) Problems Starting

1st Dvdrom Drive Not Appearing Under My Computer

2 Optical Drives Under Win XP

2.5" USB Drive Doesn't Appear In My Computer

2nd CD Not Recognized

2nd Drive Not Showing Up In Bios

2nd USB External Drive Doesn't Work

2nd SATA Drive Not Recognised

4 Port USB Drive Recognised But Drivers Not Found.

A CDROM Label Doesnot Show Up

A Drive Won't Work!

A Drive And Others Not Working

A Drive Not Working

8gb Flashdrive:No Data

A New Issue {CD-ROM "not Installed"}

A: & Cdr Drive Problem

A: Drive Not Functioning Properly

A:/ & Cdrw Drive Not Responding

A:\ Drive And CDR Drive Not Recognized

A: Drive Not Showing Up

After Installing Vista - DVDRW Not Working

All DVD/CD-Rom Drives Missing!

Amilo Not Reading Flash Drive

Another CD/DVD Problem

Another Dvd/cdr Not Seen In Device Manager

Any Idea? Problems With Cd R/rw

Any Kind Of Removable Storage Is Not Recognized

Asus BD-ROM Drive Not Recognising Certain Disc's

Autodetecting The DVD/CD Drive?

Blank CD's Not Being Read By Window's Vista

Boot Order/CDROM Detection

Both Of My CD-ROMs Are Not Working Right All Of A Sudden

Both Dvd Drives Suddenly Disconnected Themselves

Both CD-ROM & DVD-ROM Drives Stopped Working

Both Cdr And Dvdr Drives Suddenly Stopped Working

Both CD's Disapeared From Vista Ultimate

Broken Dvd Rw Need Help

Built-in CD Rom Not Recognized

Burner Not Being Recognized

Burnt CD-Rs Refuse To Play; Where Does The Problem Lie?

C Drive/ Memory Drive Not Opening. Please Help!

C:/ Or D:/ Drive Not Reading Cd's

Can Anyone Tell Me How To Replace My Dvdrw Drive?

Can Only Have Usbs Mount After Opening Diskmgmt.

CanĀ“t Read From Driva A

Cannot Detect Win USB Stick

Cannot Get Brand New USB External Hdd To Work?

Cannot Open Hard Disk Drive.

Cannot See Usb Flash Drive

Cannot See CD Drive (Windows 7)

Cant Boot Cd Drive Not Showing

Can't Browse CD In Dell Laptop

Cant Browse USB Drive In Explorer

Cant Find External Hardrive

Cant Find CD-RW Drive?!

Can't Detect Cdrom

Can't Find Usb External Hardrive

Cant Read Anything On My Computer

Can't Read CD-R's Made With Win98 PC

Cant Read Some Words On Vista Screen

Cant Read From Drive

Can't Read Drive

Cant See External Drive In This Computer

Can't See External Hard Drive

Can't See Your Jump Drive In My Computer

Can't See The USB Drive On "My Computer"

Can't See USB Hard Drive .

Can't See Removable Disks Or Thumb Drive

Can't See Usb Drive

CD And DVD Stoped Working

CD Burner & CDROM Drive Not Working

CD Disc Not Recognised

CD Burner And CDROM Not Functioning

Cd Burner Drive Not Showing Up!

CD Burner Not Listed In System Info

CD Does Not Get Recognized In The CD Rom

CD / DVD Drive Doesn't Work On Windows Vista

CD And DVD Drive Not Being Recognised

Cd Burner Does Not Work In The Morning

CD Burner Not Recognized

CD Crive Problems

CD Burner Not Reconized

CD / DVD Not Working

CD / DVD Problems

Cd / Dvd Rom Not Registering

CD And DVD Problems

CD Drive Help Please!

Cd Drive Not Working For Some Reason

CD Drive Is Missing Or Is Not Recognized By Windows

CD Drive Problem

CD Drive Not Recognizing Long Names

CD Drive Error On Windows 2000

CD Drives Are Missing

CD Drives Not Working?

CD Drive Not Appearing In "My Computer"

CD Drive Problem?

CD Drive Not Working On An HP Laptop

CD Drives Are Not Being Picked Up By My PC

CD Drive Not Appearing In My Computer (but In Device Manager)

CD Drive Issues With Vista

CD Drive Not Responding

CD Drive Not Recognised

CD Drive Not Responding!

CD Drive Not Recognised - Presario C700

CD (Windows XP Home Edition) Cannot Be Read

Cd Drive Not Responding?

CD Drive Not Found

CD Drive Not Seen

Cd Dvd Player Not Found After Updating To Windows 8.from Disc

CD DVD Problem

CD Drive Recognized

CD Drive Not Showing Up

CD Dvd Problems

CD Burning Issues With Vista

CD Drives Not Deteced.

Cd Burner NOT Detected

CD Drive Disappeared In XP

Cd Not Recognized?

CD DVD-RW Drive Not Seen By Win XP As DVD

CD Drive Not Working. No Error

Cd Drives Not Found

CD Not Registering

Cd And Dvd Drives Auto-rebooting

CD Drives Not Detected.cant Access Device Manager

CD Drive Not Recognized

CD Drive Won't Show Up In My Computer

Cd Drives Not Recognized

CD Drive Not Working.

CD Drive Not Recognized By Windows

CD Recording Software Not Able To Load Drivers

Cd Drive Not Recognized In System

Cd Not Working But?

CD Rom & Burner Not Seen

CD DVD Drives Not Working

CD Rom Drive Not Found.

Cd Not Detected

CD Drives Not Being Found

CD Rom Device Found But Not Installed

CD Drive Unstable

CD Drives Mistake Disks

CD Drive Not Reading Discs

CD Drive Not Working Anymore

CD ROM & CD RW Not Working Shown As Removable Drives

CD Drive Not Workings. And Other Things.

CD Drives Do Not Appear In My Computer

Cd Rom Drive Not Recognised

CD ROM Dissapearaing!

CD Drives Not Showing Up In My Computer Folder

CD Drives Not Working

Cd Drives Not Listed

Cd Rom Does Not Recognize

Cd Drive Not Detected

CD ROM Drive Will NOT Open! (not A Normal Situation)

CD Rom Drive HELP

Cd Drive Not Recognised In My Computer

Cd Dvd Not Working

CD ROM Drive Not Working

CD Rom Not Recognised

CD Burner Not Recognised

Cd DVD-RW Drive Not Working

CD Rom Drives Not Recognized

CD Rom Drive Not Working.

Cd Rom Not Recognized

Cd Rom No Detect

CD Rom Player Stopped Working

CD Drive Not Recognized In XP Home

Cd Rom Not Being Detected

CD- Rom Stopped Working While In Use

Cd Drive Not Working

Cd Rom Stopped Working? Help!

Cd Drive Not Working/ Plz Help

CD Rom Not Recognized

Cd Rom Drive Acting Up

CD R/RW Stopped Working After Downloading SP2

Cd Rom Not Recognized.

Cd Writer Not Working.

CD Rom Not Recognized On Dell Notebook

Cd Drive Not Working?

CD R/W Drive Will Not Work Please Help

Cd Drivs Dont Work

CD ROM Drive Not Detected

CD Writer Software Missing

CD Not Reconised

Cd Rom Problem Continues.

Cd Wont Read After Move PLEASE HELP

Cd Rom's Stopped Working Under Windows XP

CD Reading Strange Probls.

CD Rom Program Running Probs

Cd Not Recognised

CD Drives Not Responding

CD Rom / CD RW / Not Recognised ?

CD Drive Not Reading Disks

CD RW And DVD Drives Stopped Working

CD Drive Not Reading CDs

CD/DVD Burner Not Responding.

CD/DVD Burner Not Working

Cd Rom Is Not Reconised By Windows Or My Bios

Cd/dvd - Vista Not Working

Cd Rom Drive Stopped Working

Cd Rom Missing From "MY Computer"

CD RW/DVD Problems

CD Writer Not Working Properly

Cd/ Dvd Burner Not Working

CD ROM & Writer Problem

CD/DVD Conflicts

CD/DVD Drive Not Working.

CD/DVD Quit Working

CD/DVD Problems

CD/DVD Reader Not Working

CD/DVD And CD-RW Drives Unresponsive

CD-DVD Drive Not Working

Cd/dvd Problem

CD/DVD Probs

CD/DVD Driver Problems

Cd/dvd Rom Drive Problem

CD/DVD ROM Will Not Play Audio Cd's

CD/DVD Witer Not Seen By Anything But Windows

CD-Drive Problem

CD/DVR Drive Not Working


CD-Drive Stopped Working . Help Please!

CD-Drive/D:Drive "disappeared"

CD/DVD Icons Just Disapered

CD/DVD/Emulated Drives Cause Hang

CD/DVD Roms Quit Working

CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized By PC

CD ROM Drive Not Detected!

Cd/dvd Drive Help

CD/ROM Drive Not In My Computer

CD/ROM Drive Not Recognized

Cd/dvd Not Playing On Vista Home Premium

Cd Ram Does Not Read

CD/DVD Driver Issues

Cd/dvd Isn't Working On XP

CD/DVD Drive Recognized

Cd/RW AND DVD/RW Won't Function

Cd/dvd Drives Not Working

CD/DVD Drive Not Detected

CD/DVD Driver Not Working

CD/DVD Drive Not Detected In Bios

CD/DVD Player Not Working

Cd-r Not In My System Devices It's Gone!

CD/RW DVD Rom Not Recognized

CD-ROM - Drivers Not Found

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive Not Recognized

CD/DVD Not Working

Cd/dvd Not Working Or Showing In My Computer

CDDrive Problem

CD/DVD Drive Stopped Working

CDR/W Drive Not Seen In BIOS

CD-Rom Drive Not Found Suddenly

Cd/dvdrom Working/notworking!

Cd-Rom + Cd-Writer NOT DETECTED

CD-burner Disappears In XP

CD-ROM Not Recognized By Computer

CD-rom Drive Is Not In "my Computer"

CD/DVD Is Not Appear In My Computer

CD-ROM Not Recognizing

CD-ROM Drive Conflict

CD-ROM Will Not Start

Cd/dvd Drive Not Bad

CDRom And Floppy Drive Problems

Cdrom Is Just Not Moving

Cd/DVD Drive Not Working HELP!

Cd-re Writer Drive Not Working

CD/DVD Drive Not Working Or Showing In My Computer

Cd-rom Can't Read Disk

CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized

Cdrom Drive Not Recognized

CD-DVD ROM Drive Troubles

CD-Rom Drive Not Recognizing CD

CD-R Drive Not Being Recognize In My Computer

Cd-r Disappearing

CD-ROM Drives Suddenly Not Working!

CD ROM Reads But Stops?

CD-ROM Difficulties

CD-RW Drive Not Found

CD-RW Drive Not Being Recognized?

Cd-roms Completely Missing

CDroom Not Responding!HELP!

CDRW Drive Not Found By Software

CDRW Drive Not Functioning Totally.

CD-Rom And Zip Drive Not Showing Up. Blazes!

CD-Rom Drive Not Shown In My Computer

Cdrom Recognized But Not Accessible

CD-RW Drive Not Reading Audio CD's

CDRW Does Not Detect In XP But Will In BIOS

Cdrom Drive Not Working

Cdrom Not Detected On Boot Up

CD-ROM Resets PC Under WinME

CD-Rom Not Detecting After W2K Install

Cd-rw Drive Not Recognized

Cd-rw Disappeared From Mycomputer!

Cd/dvd Rom Drive Not Working

Cd-Rom Drive Not Working

CD/DVD ROM Drives Not Found At All.

CDROM Not Recognized

CD-Rom Not In E Drive

Cdrw Drive Not Recognized

Cd-rewriter Not Working?

Cd-rom Upgrade Issue

Cd-rom Not Recognized


CD-RW / DVD-ROM Not Working

CDROM Doesnt Work Under Windows XP


CD-ROM Drive Installation Problem

CDRW Drive Unresponsive

CDROM Drive Not Detected

CDRW Drive Not Working.?

CD-RW Drive Not Working/being Detected

CD-ROM Not Being Seen By Windows

CD-RW Drive Not Working/help Please

CD-ROM Drive Will Not Run

Cd-rom Dvd Problem

CD/DVD Drive Not Working

Cdrom Not Found

Cdrom Drive Not Showing Up

CD-RW Driver Not Found

CDRW Made Original CD Drive Dissapear

CDRW Not Recognized After Firmware Flash Update

CD-RW Not Responding

CDs Not Recognised

CD-Roms Don't Show Up In My Computer

CD-RW Drive Not Recognized Properly

CD-RW Not Working

Cd-rw Not Working HELP!

CD-RW Drive Decides It Doesnt Like Me.

CDRW And DVDROM Stopped Working


CD-RW Drive Not Working

CD-RW Wont Work Destop And Laptop

Cd-rw Isnt Detecting

CD-Rom Not Powered

CD-ROM And DVD-ROM Not Working?

CDRW Drive Not Working

CDRW/DVD Drive Not Seen

CDRW/DVD Drive Not Working

Cdrrw/dvd Problem

Cd-rw Problem With Windows Vista

CD-ROM Driver No Longer Working!

CD-RW/DVD Drive Not Responding

Cd-rw/dvd Rom Not Responding!

CDRW Not Reading CD's On WinME

Compiter Can'r Find The Hard Drive And The DVD Drives

Computer Cant Fing The Location Of My CD RW

Computer Can't Read My USB Flash Drive

Computer Does Not Recognize External Hard Drive

Computer Does Not Recgonize CD Rom Drive

Computer Does Not Recognize Word Or CD/DVD

Computer Does Not Recognise My CD Or DVD Rom Drive

Computer Does Not Recognize New Flash Drives But Old Ones Work Fine

Computer Does Not Recognize The CD Drives

Computer Doesn't See Floppy Or CD-ROM

Computer Doesn't Recognize Drive

Computer Does Not Register Internal Cd Rom Drive

Computer Doesn't Recognize External Hard Drive

Computer DVD Drive Problem.

Computer Hard Drive Not Working Driving Crazy

Computer No Longer Recognizes Cds Or Dvds

Computer Not Recognizing Cd Rom Drive

Computer Not Recognizing CD ROM/DVD ROM

Computer Not Recognizing CD/DVD Drives

Computer Not Recognizing CD/DVD On Start Up - Yellow !

Computer Not Recognizing CDrom/DVD Drive

Computer Not Recognizing D: & E: Drives

Computer Not Detecting DVD.

Computer Not Recognising USB Stick/External Drive

Computer Not Recognizing Combo Drive

Computer Not Recognizing My Cd/dvd-roms

Computer Not Seeing Flas Drive

Computer Only Recognizes External DVD Drive As CD-Rom Drive

Computer Only Recognizes External DVD Drive As CD-Rom Drive

Computer Says No CD/DVD Or CDRW There

Computer Will Not Start With DVD Rewriter Installed

Computer Wont Find Device ! ;-(

Computer Won't Recognize Usb Flash Stick

Computer Won't Recognize USB External Disk

Computers Wont Recognize Xternal Drives

Computer Won't Read One Particular USB Stick

Computer Wont Recognize External Drive Sorta

Computer Won't Recognize External USB Cd

Conflict With Dvd Writer Install

Computers Don't Recorgnize External Hard Drive

Corrupted Registry & Lost Cd Drive Function

CPU Not Seeing My 2 Disc Drives

Crappy DVD-ROM Playback/program. Please Help!

D: Drive Not Reading Discs

D: Drive Not Regeistering

D: Drive Not Working

D: And E: Drives No Longer Recognized.

D And E DVD/CD Drives Dissapeared! Help?!?!

D:drive No Longer Works?

D: Drive Problems

Data Recovery - JumpDrive Not Detected

Data/Audio CD's Not Recognised/responding

Dallas (missing CD Drives)

Dell And That "D" Drive (backup) Thingy!

Dell - CD Player Not Working

Dell 5000e Doesn't See CDROM Drive

Dell Inspiron 510m DVD Drive Failed. BIOS Detection

Dell Not Reading Blank DVD's

DELL XPS Laptop DVD Burner Woes

Dell Optical Drive Not Reading Discs

Dell Latitude CPt. CD-ROM Not Working.

Desk Top Not Reading Usb Drive

Desktop With Win98 Loses CD&DVD Drives

Device Manager Not Recognizing CD Drive

Didn't See USB From Device Manager After Format

Disc Drive And Camera Not Found?

Disc In Drive Not Recognized

Disc Drive Help

Disc Drive For XP Not Working!

Disc Drive Not Functioning

Disc Drives Not Being Detected

Disc Drive Problem

Disc Drive Not Working

Disc In Burner Not Recognized

Disc Drive Not Recognized

Disc Drives (CD/DVD) Not Working Correctly.

Disc Drives Help

Disk Drive Won't Show Up

Disk Drive Not Appearing/opening

Disk Drive Not Working

Diskmgmt Issue Not Displaying Removable Drives

Disk Drive Not Responding

Discs In CD/DVD Drives No Longer Seen

Does Not Recognize Cdrom Drives

Does Not Recognize New Flash Drive

DOS Not Recognizing CD-ROM After Reformat

Double-disk Not Working

Drive Not Accessible 2.0

Drive Not Recognising D.2

Drive Not Visible

Drive Not Detected When Cold


Drives No Longer Appearing

Drives No Longer Recognized

Drives Not Being Recognized

DVD +/- RW Drive Not Recognised

DVD And CD Burners Not Being Recognized

DVD And CD Drive Not Recognized

DVD & CDRW Problems.

DVD Burner Not Working Right!

DVD Burner Not Working

DVD Burner Not Working

Dvd And Cd Problems

DVD CD-RW Not Working!

Dvd Cd-rom Problem

DVD And CD Drive Not Showing.

DVD Burner Seeing Dvd-rw As Dvd-rom

Dvd Drive Detection

DVD Drive Doesn't Show

DVD Drive Not Working/not Displayed

DVD Detection Problem

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