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(Resolved) Moved CD Drive Now Software Cannot Find It

(Resolved) Audio From A CD Drive

(Resolved) Oh No! Windows Can't Find CD Drives

(Solved) Cd & Dvd Drives

(Solved) No CD ROM

(Solved) Unable To Read From A Burnt CD.

***Keyboard And External CD-RW Drive Problem***

**unable To Read DVD Disc**

. Cd/dvd Rom Not Recognized .

[HELP!] CD-Drive E: Not Read!

[Resolved] Cdrom Play Dvd's?

[Resolved] New Install XP And Dvd Drive Problem

[SOLVED] Bios Not Reading My CD/DVD Rom **New Computer**

[SOLVED] Cd Rom Disappears

[SOLVED] CD ROM & CD Writer Drive Missing

[SOLVED] Cd-rom Bios

[SOLVED] CD-ROM Drive Won't Read Cds


[SOLVED] CDRW & DVD Drives Are Gone

[SOLVED] Cd Rom/dvd Disappeared

[Solved] Disappearing CD-RW Drive

[SOLVED] CDRW/DVD Drives Not Being Detected

[SOLVED] DVD/CD Drive Problems.

[SOLVED] CDrom Not Showing Up In Post Screen.

[SOLVED] DVD-Rom Wont Read DVD's

[SOLVED] Creative CD-ROM Won't Read Disks

[SOLVED] Dos Does Not Recognize Cd Drive

[SOLVED] CD Player Has Disappeared

[SOLVED] Cdrom Drivers!

[SOLVED] Lost Cd Rom.

[SOLVED] How Do I: Re-Install "E" Drive?

[SOLVED] My CDRW/DVD Isn't Being Detected Anymore.


[SOLVED] I Cannot Get My Dvd Writer To Write Dvd's!

[SOLVED] Lost CD Drive.

[SOLVED] NEED HELP! Thinkpad Cdrom Fell Out.

[SOLVED] Problems With Sony CD-RW Drive/XP?

[SOLVED] Problems With My CDRW Drive. Help?

[SOLVED] Where Are My CD Drives?

{RESOLVED} CD Rom Access Denial

{RESOLVED} Dvd Problems Too!

{RESOLVED} Cd Rom And Cdwriter Drives Listed As Removable Drives?

{RESOLVED} CD-ROM Clicking Noise




{RESOLVED}CD-ROM Problem Please Help

{RESOLVED}windows Not Detecting Cd-roms.

{SOLVED} PC Can't Find My New CDROM Drive.

{SOLVED} CD-ROM Can't Read CD-RW Discs


1 Of 2 CD/DVD Rom/rw Could Not Recognize

2 Hard Drives Now Missing Cd Rom

2nd Printer Knocks Out My Cdrom - HELP

4 Cd Rom Drives

A 3rd DVD Drive Just Showed Up In My Computer!

A Certain Dvd Not Recognized In One Computer

A CD ROM PROBLEM (please Read)

A Huge Issue With My Disc Drive

A Question About A Laptop Cd-rom.

Accessing Networked Dvd-rom With Software On Connected Computer

Accidentally Deleted Cd Rom And Dvd/rw Drives

Acer 5920 DVD CD Driver Not Working

Acer Burner

Acer Cdrw

Acer CD-RW Problems


Acer Aspire L5100 CD/DVD Drive

Acer DVD Drive Failure

ACER Laptop / WIndows 7 DVD Driver

Acer CD-ReWriter

Added DVD-RW Drive

Adding A DVD-ROM Drive; But Where?!?!

Adding Auxillary SATA DVD Burner Quandry.

Adding A CD/DVD RW Master Or Slave?

Adding My Old Dvd Drive To My New.

All Drives Have Wrong Paths Cd/rom Doesn't Work

All Of A Sudden My DVD Drive Stopped Reading My DVD's

All Of A Sudden My WinXP Doesn't Recognize My Dvd On My Combo Drive!?

Also Having Problems Recognizing Dvds

An Internal IDE DVD Drive With My Laptop

Another Disappeared Cd/dvd-rom Gone Missing

Any Explanation For A ACER CD Drive To Just Disappear

Anyone Ever Remove Dell Inspiron DVD-ROM

Anyone Know How To Reinstall A Cd Drive On Windows Vista Home Premium

Anyway Of Testing A Laptop Dvd Drive?

Are There Any Optical Drive Diagnostic Programs?

ARRG Laptop Cd Player

Asus DVD/CD Drive Not Reading DVD-RW

ASUS CR ROM S-500/A Doesn't See Or Read A RW CD

ATAPI DVD+RW Not Recognizing Any Media

Asus X54C-BBK21's CD/DVD Drive Is Forever Making Noises

Attempted Install Of ASUS Dvd Drive

Audio And Video DVD Drive Issues

AudIO DVD/CD Drive Not Working

Averatec CD Drive Not Reading Disks

Bad Cd-Drive ?

Bad Cdrom Drive?

Bad CD ROM Drive?

Bad Cdrw/dvd Rom Drive?

Bad DVD Drive?

Bad CD-Rom Drive?

Bad CDRW Drive?

Bad Audio With New DVD-RW Drive

Bad Performing DVD-rom

BenQ CD-RW CD Tray Problem

Best DVD-ROM To Buy?

BIG Problem With DVD Drive

Big Problem After Have Installed My CD Windows XP

BIOS Cannot Find CD & DVD Drives

BIOS Not Recognizing CD Drives

Bios Not Recognizing External DVD Writter.

Bios Can T Find Cd And Dvd Roms


BIOS Won't Recognize Cd & Cdrw

BIOS Will Not Detect CDR/W

BIOS Not Detecting DVD Drive

BIOS Not Finding DVD Drive

BIOS Not Recognizing Hard Drive And DVD ROM

Bios Wont Recognize Cd-rom


BIOS Plus Optical Drive Problems

BIOS Will Recognize My 2 Dvd Drives BUT Win 7 Pro X64 Wont

Blinky Screen And No Cd Writing (sigh)

Blu Ray Drive Only Reads CD Roms

Brand New DVDRW Not Reading

Both My CD/DVD Drives Don't Work

Both CD Drive And DVD Drive Won't Read

Brand New Dvd-rom Reads Nothing.

Both CD Drives Only Read Music.?

Both CD Drives Disappeared

Brand New DVD-RW Not Copying

Broken Rom Drive

Broken (?) DVD Drive On Sony PCV-A1111L

Broken Cd Drive & New Printer

Broken CD Writer

Broken Cd Rom Drive

Burner Not Able To Read CD-RW's

Burned CD Cannot Be Read In Another PC

Burned CD Not Reading In Drive

Burned CD (.pps) Won't Read In Other PC

Buying A DVD Drive For XP

Can A DVD-RW ROM Drive Be Installed On This System?

Can Not Locate The Cd-rom Drive

Can You Connect A Dvd Drive And One Hard Drive On One Ribbon Cable?

Cannot Access My ROM Drive.

Cannot Find Cd Drive

Cannot Find CD/DVD Drive

Cannot Find CDRom Drive In 'My Computer'

Cannot Locate CD-ROM Driver

Cannot Read From CD-ROM

Cannot Read CD Disk From Other Computer

Cannot Read CDs

Cannot Read CDs!

Cannot Recoginize CD Drive Or Recovery Disc

Cannot Read DVDs. But The Disks Are Fine!

Cannot Read DVD's On My PC

Cannot Read Discs

Cannot Read Data On CD - DESPERATE

Cannot Read Disk!

Cannot Read DVD RW

Cannot Read DVD+R (back-up) Disk - But MP Can Sometimes!

Cannot Read Content Of CD

Cannot Recognize DVD Media In DVD+RW

Cannot Read Cd

Cannot Read CD's

Can't Access CD Player.

Can't Detect CD-ROM/DVD Drive

Can't Find CD Rom

Can't Find CD/DVD Drive

Can't Find Drivers For CD-DVD Drives?!

Cant Find Drivers For My CD-ROM Drive

Cant Find Optical Drive.

Can't Find My CD ROM

Can't Find Dvd Burner

Cant Get Both Cd Rom And Cd Rw Drives To Work At Same Time

Can't Find Cd Rom Drive

Can't Find CD Tray

Can't Get CD/DVD Drives To Work

Cant Get My Cd Rom And Dvdrw To Work

Can't Get New Directory In CDROM Drives

Can't Get My Cd Drive To Work

Can't Instal From CD Drives.

Cant Install Driver For External Cdrw

Can't Load CD/DVD Driver

Cant Play Dvd's And Burner Wont Work

Cant Read CD

Can't Pick Up The CDROM On Laptop!

Can't Read CD Rom

Can't Read Cd Or Dvd Correctly

Cant Read CD/d:

Can't Read Cd/dvds

Cant Play DVD-Rom Game

Can't Read Dvd Data Disc Help

Cant Read DVDs!

Can't Reinstall Windows - Laptop Doesn't Recognize Disks.

Can't Read From My CD-ROM

Can't Read Dvd

Cant See Dvd

Can't See DVD Rom Drive In Control Panel

Cant Solve This Dvd Rom Issue

Cant Use Dvd Drive Why?

Can'ty Connect Cd Rw Drive To Pc

Carnt Read Discs

CD Burn Disk Not Recognized

CD & DVD Drives Not Recognized

CD & DVD Drives On XP Home Net

CD And CD-R Drive Not Being Read!

CD And DVD Drives Gone?

CD - RW Recognised But Not Accepting Cds

CD And DVD Drives Not Recognizing Discs

CD & DVD Drives Don't Have 'recording' Tabs!

CD And DVD Drives Have Vanished

CD & DVD Drives Inoperable

CD And DVD Drives Cant Read.

CD And DVD Drives Disappeared

CD & DVD Drives Wont Work

CD Drive - It Works But It Doesnt!

Cd And Dvd Are Not Being Read By Windows Vista

Cd Burner Diagnostic?

CD And DVD Drives Running Slow

Catz3 On Windows Vista(Gateway): DVD/CD Driver Won't Work

CD And DVD New Discs Read Full

CD And DVD Drive Problem

CD Doors Opens On Start Up Or Shutdown

CD / DVD Drive Is Gone.

Cd Burner Problem No Drive Letter

CD And DVD Not Recognized By Computer

CD / DVD Drive Issues

CD Burner Not Recognizing Disks & Other Problems

CD Drive Broken


CD Burner Restarts Computer Everytime It Reads A CD

Cd Drive Cannot Read Cds

CD DRIVE Cant Read

CD Drive Keeps Disappearing

Cd Drive Not Recognizing Disk.

Cd Burner Will Not Recognize Discs Being In The Drive

CD Drive And Drivers Dissapeared

Cd Drives Are Gone!

Cd Drive Problem Help!

CD Drive Not Reading New CD

CD E Drive Doesn't Come Up

CD Drive Isnt Reading Disks!

CD Drive Help.

CD Drive Plays For Only 1 Min

CD Drive Icons Dissapeared From My Computer

CD Burner Disappears From Windows

Cd Drive Won't Read

CD Drive Does Not Respond On An HP Computer

Cd Dvd Drive Missing

CD Drives Problem

CD Drive Faillure

Cd Drive Lost

Cd Drive Is Gone!

CD Drive [E:] Missing

Cd Not Reading Disk

CD DVD Missing

CD Drives Disappear In Vista

CD Drive Won't Recognise CDs

Cd Drives Disappeared!?!?!

CD Drive Missing From My Computer

CD Drive Not Recognised In BIOS

CD Drives Disappearing! AHHHHH!


Cd Creating Problem

CD Drive Gone After Failed Install Of PowerDVD

CD Drives Missing

CD Drives Dissappeared

CD Drive Reads Movies But Not DVD Home Movies

Cd Drive Doesn't Read.

CD Drives No Longer Read; Long Start-up Time If Drives Are Closed

CD Drive Disappeared?

Cd Drive Gone

CD Drive Dissapearing

CD Drives Are Being Read But Not Loaded

Cd Drives Are Gone After Running A Fix

Cd Drive Does Not Recognize Cd's Being In The Drive

Cd Drive Does Not Recognize Cd's Being In The Drive

CD Drive Is Missing

CD Driver Is Not Recognized

CD Drive Not Recognized By Bios

Cd Drive Shows Up But Won't Work

CD ROM Doesn't Work

CD Drive Missing

CD Not Being Read

CD Drive Has VANISHED :'(

CD Drive Spins When Computer Is Off.

CD Drive Trouble

Cd Drive Can't Read Burned Cds Or Dvds

CD Drive Help

CD Drive Stopped Reading Disks

CD Drive Weird Error.

CD Driver Missing

CD ROM Disappeared

Cd Rom Disappears Off My Computer

Cd Rom Doesnt Work

CD Drive Will Read Some CDs

CD Rom Drive Failed

CD Drive Disappears

CD Drive Will Simply Not Read Some Discs.

CD ROM Drive Failure

CD Problem In Win 7

CD Rom Not Reading Discs

Cd Rom Burner Keeps Has A Mind Of Its Own!

CD ROM And CD/DVD Player Not Playing Discs

CD Drive Doesn't Appear

CD Drive Not Recognizing/reading Commercial Cds

CD ROM Doesnt Work

CD Drive Not Reading Media

CD Rom Drive Is Not Reading My Cds

CD Drive Not Recognizing Disc

Cd Rom Locked

Cd Rom Not Recognising Cds

CD Reading Problem

Cd Rom Missing

CD ROM Cannot Read Cd's

CD Drive Doesn't Work

Cd Drives Dropping Off System

Cd Missing From Hp

Cd Rom Is Always Spinning

CD ROM Drive Won't Read Any Discs

Cd Drives Gone ?!

CD Drive Door Opens And Closes Over And Over

Cd And Dvd Drive Slow Down Harddrive

Cd Rom Gone Wrong

CD Not Reading But DVD Is Reading

Cd Rom Drive Won't Read Disks.Tried Everything! Please Help!

CD ROM Drive Won't Work

CD Rom Opens Each Time I Power Up

Cd Rom Drive Won't Recognize All Disks

Cd Drive Won't Read Cd

Cd Drive Only Stops Reading After 1/2 Install

CD ROM Not Revimg But Nothing Happens

Cd Rom Won't Play Burnt Picture Cd

CD Drives Gone Missing

Cd Rom Quit Working And Vanished From "my Computer"

Cd Drive Gone.

CD Writer Test?

Cd Rom Read Error

CD Rom Won't Read A Disk

CD Rom Wont Read Any CD

CD ROM Won't Read Cds

CD DVD Drives Dissappeared

Cd Drive Test

CD Rom Wont Read Disks

Cd Rom Wont Read?

CD Drive Does Not Recognise Any Media

CD Rom Problem Maybe?

CD Drive Doesnt Transfer Some Files

Cd Rom Drive Disappeared

CD Driver Not Detected

CD Drive Door Keeps Popping Open

CD ROM Drive Disappears

CD Driver And Virtual Drives Missing

CD RW And DVD Drives Not Working

Cd Rewriter Install

CD RW No Workin

CD RW Not Reading Data

CD ROM Not Reading Data CD's

CD Tray And Burner Dead?

CD Rom Doesn't Recognize Any Discs

CD/DVD - Won't Read CD

CD Rom Drive Occasionally Slides In & Out On Its Own

Cd Rom Drive Disapeared?

CD ROM Spins Endlessly

CD RW Won't Read Cds

CD RW Drive Problems

Cd Rom Drive Malfunction

CD RW Drive Not Seeing Disk

CD RW Drive Problem

CD RW Won't Work After Upgrade To XP

CD Writer Manual Needed

Cd Drives ---- Gone!

CD Problems And Sluggish

Cd Rw/dvd Drive But No DVD

CD/CDRW Drive Not Reading CD's

CD Rom Drives ?GONE?

Cd Writer Not Recognized?

CD ROM Drives Not Reading

CD Not Foud By Bios

CD R/W Drive Won't Read CDs After Phone Rang Thru PC.

CD/DVD LIghtscribe Player Not Working On Windows Vista HP Computer

CD/DVD Rom Read Issues

CD/DVD Won't Read

Cd/dvd Rom Reads Dvd's And Only 1 Cd

CD/DVD Drive Fails

CD/DVD Drive Not Reading CD's After Win 7 Upgrade

CD ROM Reading Problem

CD/DVD Player Won't Work On Restored System

CD/DVD Drive Not Recognising Disc

Cd/ Dvd Missing

Cd/Dvd Rom Cant Read Any Disc

CD/DVD-RW Not Working?

CD/DVD Driver Not Reading Disks

CD/DVD Burner Detection

CD Reading Problems

CD/DVD ROM Wont Read Or Play

CD/DVD-RW Won't Load

Cd/dvd Combo Drive Problem

Cd/dvd Missing

Cd/dvd Rom Driver Problems

Cd/dvd Drives

Cd/DVD Drive Disappears

CD/DVD Drive - System Locks

CD-drive Won't Read After BIOS Update

CD/DVD Drive Does Not Read Cds

CD/DVD Drive Gone Without A Trace

Cd-dvd-rom Drive Doesn´t See Disk

CD/DVD Drive Error

CD ROM Does Not Play Cds

CD/DVD Drive Does Not Recognize DVDs

Cd/dvd Drive Gone!

CD-DVDRom Showing Yellow Icon

CD/DVD Drive Has Stopped Recognizing CDs/DVDs

CD/DVD ROM Not Recognised

Cd/dvd Drives Not Recognized

CD/DVD Drive On Laptop Reads Dvds But Nothing Else

CD/DVD Not Detected When Inserted

CD/DVD/Optical Drive Issues

CD/DVD Drive Will Not Read Any Discs

Cd/dvd Drive Problem Please Help

CD/DVD Not Found

CD/DVD Drive Can't Read CD After Changing Disc

Cd/dvd Drive Doesnt Work

Cd/dvd Drive Issues

Cd/dvd Is Not Recognized

CD/DVD Drive Disappeared

CD/DVD Drive Disappeared

CD/DVD Drive Missing - Windows XP

CD/DVD Drive Disappearing

CD&DVD Drives Not Recognizing Discs

CD/DVD Drives Not Recognised. Error 41

CD-Drives Not Reading CDs

CD/DVD Drive Won't Detect Anything

CD Rom Drive Is Not Working On An Old HP Laptop W/Windows 7 Installed On It

CD/DVD RW Won't Read Any Disks!

CD/DVD Burner Is Not Recongizing.

CD/DVD Drive Not Recognised? I've Tried Everything!


Cd/rw Doesnot Work After One Year

CD/DVD-Rom Drive No Longer Reads Anything!

CD/DVD Drive Is Ejecting All Media

CD/DVD RW Drive Problem

Cd-dvd Drive Won't Read Or Play Cd's Or Dvd's

CD/DVD Drive Wont Read Any Disks!

Cd Will Play And Read

CD Wont Read!

CD-DVD Will Not Play

CD/DVD Drive Not Found

CD/DVD Drive Trouble

Cd-rom And Dvd Drive

Cd/dvd Drive Undetected By BIOS

CD-Rom (E:/) Drive Disappeared On Me! HELP!

CD/DVD Drive Trouble Detecting Disk

CDRom And DVD Drives

CD/DVD Drive Won't Read Disks.

Cd/dvd Drive Vanishes

CD-ROM / CD-RW Drives Not Recognized Anymore - AT ALL


CD/RW And DVD Problems

Cd/dvd Rom Showingas Ram Drive

Cd/dvd Drive Not Reading All Disks

CD/DVD Drive Not Reading Anything

CD-ROM And DVD Writer Not Reading Any Disk.

CD-drive Does Not Recognize Data Disk

CD/DVD Drive Wont Work!

CD-Rom And DVD-Rom Drives Aren't Recognized

CD/DVD's Will Not Play

CD-ROM Drive Constantly Busy

CD-Rom Drive Died.

Cd/DVD Drive Undetected

CD-R: Driver Not Recognized By Burning Software

CD-rom Does Recognize Disk

CD-rom Doesn't Recognize Disk

CD-ROM Drive Disappeared On Me

CD-ROM & CD-RW Not Being Found

CD-Rom Software Errors

Cd-rom Keeps Spinning

CD/DVD Drive Is Missing!

CDROM Failure

Cd/dvd Rom Isnt Detecting Any Cds.

CD-ROM Won't Read

Cd-rom Drive Doesn't Read Anything Other Than DVDs

CDROM Drive Not Reading


Cd-rom Doesn't Work

Cd-Drive Blinks "read".

Cd/dvdrom Drive Won't Play Dvd's

CDROM Problem Again--DOH!

Cd-rom D: Drive Has Disappeared

CD-ROM Problem Reading Software Installation Discs

CD-ROM Drive Not Recognising CDs

CD-Rom Read Problems

CD-ROM Dont Read

Cd-rom Drive Missing

Cdrom Is Missing

CD-ROM Reads Driver Installation CD's

CD-ROM Drive No Longer Recognized *some* Discs

CD-Rom Will Not Read Cds

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