If you are going to own a unit of Artra Singapore, it means that you will go to the next step of opting a condo namely selecting the right floor for your convenience and comfort. One of the major factors that will influence your decision in selecting a condo unit is the floor number. Some condo units are on the lower floors, middle floors, and higher floors. Each level of the floor has its set of the pros and cons. When you make a decision based on the level of condo floor alone, congratulation you may make some mistakes that could ruin your dream of condo ownership. If you want to avoid making even the small mistake when selecting the condo floor, we are actually by your side.


No matter how many people are trying to get the condo unit on the highest or top floor, the affordability must become your consideration. Just because you want to get as many benefits as the tenants get when staying in the top condo floor, it doesn’t mean that you make the decision quickly. How much you have to spend for condo ownership can even become a new burden that leads you to get stress. In most high-rise condos, units get more pricey in the high floors. If money is your concern and becomes your issue, a lower floor can be a more practical option for you, where you will not get the financial burden. Double check your budget and go making a wise decision.


This becomes the common reason why people choose the lower floor, middle floor, or highest floor. In fact, some people have no patience to wait for elevators or the use of stairs. Are you one of them? If you simply answer yes, think twice before selecting high floor level although you can afford it.