When busy relaxing on the couch, suddenly your skin feel itchy or while playing with your kids in the living room, you find your child’s skin rash and spots are a small mosquito bite. Maybe some of you have experienced anything like this. If ever, there is a possibility of your house favored by insects, whether visible or not. There are many types of insects, but the most familiar and often we find at home are mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, ticks and of mites. They can spread in your home, such as in the dining room, living room and bedroom and even in the shower, though. The presence of insects is annoying because it could be bad for health, such as an allergy attack, swollen skin redness with itching, dizziness, respiratory problems, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, dengue and malaria. Moreover, the presence of insects also make the appearance of your home be uncomfortable. Do not worry, your home can avoid them, here’s how home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Get used to close the doors and windows tightly to prevent insects from entering the house. In order for a room in the house is not stuffy, you can open both but by installing additional doors made of nets or installing nets on the window bars home. You can also apply anti-insect lotion on the skin or spray anti-insect into the room on a regular basis. Choose products that contain DEET because it is the material most feared by insects. This material late investigated safe when used as directed, but the chemical content made, parents are afraid to apply mainly for fear of the health of their children. So as an alternative, you can use products that contain natural ingredients such as soybean oil or lemon.

If you still do not dare to apply these materials, you can use the interceptor to eliminate interference of mites or insects in your home. You have the opportunity to place the cup that already contains natural substances insect repellent under your bed that needs protection. You can prevent the attacks of insects such as mites with natural ingredients earlier, provided that poles on the mattress you are not touching the floor.

You need a minimum of 16 interceptors to trap insects or of mites pull out from their hiding places. During 3 days, you have to empty the trapped dust and rubble, if you find of mites or insects trapped inside the cup contains natural ingredients insect repellent you are obliged to empty it and throw it into the trash and then you can wash the cup back and change the bed cover you use while sleeping.