It’s important for any mother to consume the healthy food during the pregnancy, especially in the early months of the pregnancy period. Not only that those healthy foods will maintain the health of the mother and the baby, those foods will also reduce the risk of some pregnancy problems as well. The best chattanooga obgyn, D. Scott Harnsberger, MD wants to share some info with you about the healthy foods for the pregnant mother, especially for the mothers in the young pregnancy period.

Here are the healthy foods for the pregnant mothers:

1. Olive oil

2. Vegetables

3. Fruits

4. Milk-Based Products

5. Soybean-based products

6. Lean meat

7. Walnut

8. Peas

9. Asparagus

10. Oatmeal

Those are the recommended foods for the pregnant mothers. Those foods will be very important to maintain the health of the pregnant mothers, especially for the early months of pregnancy. However, it’s important to consume those foods in their best and fresh condition, in order to get the optimum nutrition from those healthy foods.