Perhaps, you have ever met someone who uttered “krill oil” when you’re at the mall, school, office, or drugstore. In the past few years, the Krill oil has been talked by many people and discussed as one of the essential oils in some national TV because of its advantages for health. Krill is a small shrimp-like marine crustacean genus coming from Antarctica which has a size of 1 cm to 6 cm and renowned as a particular species of the Antarctic used to make krill oil. In this recent time, krill recently proved superior in nutritional contents compared to fish oil in many ways.

Since the past few years, the there are many researchers who argue that Krill is one of the best seafood which has many important nutrients required for the bodies. Krill shrimp contains Docosahexaenoic (DHA), Eicosapentaenoic (EPA), and other important nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A.
DHA and EPA are two important substances which can be used by the body to improve the eye health and control the cholesterol. DHA is an important component of the brain’s cell membranes that plays an important role in improving memory and it is very helpful in supporting activities and mental balance. On the other hands, EPA plays an important role in maintaining and controlling cholesterol. EPA existence is indispensable in regulating heart function. EPA also provides the anti-inflammatory and anti-infection naturally in cells throughout the body.

Interestingly, the vitamins contained in the Krill shrimp are very helpful to make your body becomes healthier. Vitamin B, for example, can relieve the fatigue and make your body becomes healthier and powerful when you do daily activities, especially for the activities which require more energy from your body. In short, the all benefit of krill shrimp can be obtained easily from Antarctic Krill Oil.