The kidney is very valuable for our body. It filters blood, balances the amount of potassium and water, excretes the toxins and chemicals, and much more. Even though this organ could be sold for a lot of money. It is not recommended, due to the money you’ve got won’t be as worthy as your own health. That’s why you need to take care your kidney so well. If the kidney starts to fail and caught the chronic disease, you’ll feel the symptoms soon. In order to help you to know about the symptoms of kidney diseases, the nephrologist in bangalor will share some info with you about it.

Here are the kidney chronic disease symptoms that you need to know :

1. Nausea

The nausea is the feeling that made us want to vomit each after we ate anything, but we simply can’t throw up. All of the people must have experienced that in the past. There are many diseases that have nausea as a part of their symptoms, such as the typhus and the chronic kidney disease. When we’re talking about the chronic kidney disease, it’s a disease that occurred in the kidney and it’s a disease that will make us unable to move. Even if we want to move, the pain would be unbearable. That’s why you need to take care of yourself with all you’ve got. So the kidney and other organs won’t be attacked by any diseases in your body.

2. Vomit

Nausea and vomit could happen at the same time. Although these symptoms sound familiar, don’t take it too lightly, that’s because of vomiting is the way of your body for kicking out the toxins and chemicals from itself forcefully, and that could be a sign that your kidney as the toxins and chemicals filter is not well.

3. Out of breath

Although kidney is a little bit far from the lung, that doesn’t mean that it won’t affect the respiratory system. As the one which filters the blood, if the kidney is in a trouble, the blood won’t be filtered well, and it could cause the oxygen in the blood won’t reach the lung properly. That’s why a people with the kidney disease could often to be out of their own breath