Longboard has been a popular sport for young people since a few years ago. There are many of young people who play the longboarding in every corner of the city. If you are looking for a longboard for beginners, the Great Longboard is the right site. In today’s sports market, there are many longboard’s brands that you can choose when you buy a longboard.

A good brand can be a good quality. It might be so confusing when you have to choose the right longboard because there are many brands which are available in the sport’s market. Here are the top 3 brands that can be your right choice.

1. Quest
Quest is one of the most famous longboard brands which is widely having a large market in the world. Quest offers a unique product which is very durable longboard. One of the best product of Quest is Quest Super Cruiser which is priced only for $7. Quest is known as high-quality bamboo with the appealing graphic design which makes Quest becomes one of the top choiced longboards.
2. Velador
Who doesn’t know velador? The brand which offers good quality products at affordable prices. This brand is known for the unique and appealing design. So, if you are looking for a good longboard product with the affordable price, you can choose the velador product.
3. Comet
Looking for a durable longboard? You can consider the comet brands. The comment product mostly lasts longer than another one. The material and graphic of the comet is extremely longboarders’ favorite. The comet product is very suitable fo you who want to have a durable longboard with the best graphic design.

However, when you are looking for the best longboarding, keep in mind to have a good quality product which suits to what you want and need rather than the expensive one.