Tooth decay in children, it has become one of the biggest threats to their health as asthma and fever. An event like this is as a result of the negligence of parents in maintaining dental health of children. In fact, oral and dental health in both parents also depends on the state of their teeth and mouth while still a child. Given the long-term effects that can be perceived by our children in the future related to their teeth and mouth, then as parents, we need to anticipate such risks as early as possible, one of them by visiting to get the best dental care.

It is important to dental care since the child still has wisdom teeth, because the wisdom teeth have an important function, namely:

– Contribute to chew food
– Contribute to the pronunciation of words correctly
– Serving as a space for permanent dentition well as determine the direction of growth of permanent teeth to grow in the direction right
– Contribute to add aesthetic value