Time will come when your hobby or small business turns to online with the use of the website. After that, you will also find the reason or signs that transfer website is required for the better growth of your business. Moving to another hosting provider will be a great choice for you if your site works with complicated problems caused by the availability of the storage space. Moving your website effortlessly will be depending on how well you are able to manage the migration. You must be able to manage the migration for web hosting, email, and domain name. These three things are crucial to understanding before you switch your website and hire a new hosting provider. What we have is the checklist every site owner should have before transferring their website to a new hosting provider.

Most of you may be familiar with creating a backup of all website files, exporting old data, choosing the best web hosting provider, and importing new database. For your website transfer, the domain name transfer must be also listed as the important thing to remember as well as others. Should I move my website emails? Are you sure for creating new emails or using one email only? Switching your site to new host also means that you should move even all of your website emails.

After you switch your website’s DNS record, there is a little step you must also do. Wait for the change of your DNS to propagate through the net. As you can read in the previous article of mine, the transfer process can take a few hours to a full day. Once the switch goes live, alert your former hosting company that you will not work with them anymore. So, will you still say that website transfer can be done yourself since it is easy to do?