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(my HJT) My Computer Takes Forever To Start Up

(Dutch) Nvidea Geforce GTX 750 TI Help (Windows 10 64-bit)

(KB3116900) Broke My Search Indexer

(KB3132372) Update For Adobe Flash Player W10 Version 1511

(Almost) Every Program I Try To Open Doesn't

(Resolved) Easy CD Creator Will Not Record Properly

(0xc0150004) Error

(Resolved) Kazaa Lite Booster Restore Feature

(Resolved) SpyBot S&D What Happened?

(Resolved) Spybot - Disable Messages

(Resolved) Music Cd's Won't Play

%USERPROFILE& On Desktop And C:/ -Add/Remove Buttons Missing ?REGISTRY?

(Resolved) MP V9 No Sound

(Restore) WordPad Problem!.Plz Help!

(Resolved) Slideshow Does Not Follow File Name Order?

(Resolved) Sound Cards.

(Solved) Add Start Up Porgram

(Resolved)comp Upgrade - Spontaneus Restarting On Startup

(Solved) Cannot Load Digital Pictures

(Solved) Browser Check Register Change

(Solved) IE\OE Hyperlink Opens Wrong Browser

(Solved) IE5

(Solved) How Do I Get Rid Of Hotbar?

(Solved) Icons Don't Load

(Solved) Taskbar

(Solved) Nero 5 Started Burning Slow

(Solved) Re: Trying To Remove Programme

(Solved) More Pop Up Troubles

(Solved) Invisible Windows Menus

(Solved) Audio Format MPEG Layer-3

(Solved) Items Running In Startup

(Solved) Help How Do I Get My Network Started

(Solved) Mouse Controller Download

(Solved) I Lost My Printer Sharing After Win XP

(Solved) Camera Driver

(Solved) Downloaded Screensavers

(Solved) Picture Preview

(Solved) Start Up Items

(Solved) Norton AntiVirus Memory Error

(Solved) Slideshow For Desktop Wallpaper

(Solved) No Picture On QuickTime 5

(Solved) Burning Cds

(Solved) Requiem Wants A Newer DirectX

(Solved) Set Web Browser Default

(Solved) System Unable To Go On Standby A Another Program Is Using A Driver

(Solved) Windows Media Player Wont Play Some Tracks

(Solved) Unclickable Taskbar Button - Green Man

(Solved) Programs That Run Behind Windows

(Solved) Time Zone Correct - But Post Times Still Wrong

(Solved) WIN MIN Error On Shut Down

(Solved) Win Mx Imcomplete List

(Solved) Windows Media File To Mp3?

*** STOP: 0*0000009c

(ttt) BAD PC World Advice - MS Automatic Updates

*Major Problem* - Asks Me What I Want To Open An .exe With!

** NVSTOR.SYS Error Help ! **

**student In Need! **Computer Not Recognizing Printer

*SLOW* LAN Transfers Between Win98/WinXP Pro

.\systemprofile\Desktop Refers To A Location That Is Unavailable

** HELP! Laptop Randomly Restarts

.exe .reg . Everything Wont Open

.sys Errors.

.::[ Connection Problems ]::.

:( Need Assistance Restoring My PC To Factory Build

:( No Taskbar.No Explorer

? When I Launch Outlook 2000 The Office 2000 Installer Also Launches

::my Crazy Computer's Clock::

.ogm File Wont Play Without Shaking. Help!

.REG Files Problem!

? About Updating DRIVERS And Changing Advanced Display Settings

[MAJOR BUG]Freezing Due To Hard Drive

[Help Please] Taskbar Stuck - Unusable

[Help] Programs Deleted

[B]CD-Rom Problems[/B]

[Help] Sound Drivers Problem

[Pics] How Can I Make Windows XP Professional Less Business-y

[Resolved] Can't Shut Down!

[Resolved] Could Someone Please Review This Startup List?

[Resolved] Just A Plain Old Dekstop Icon?

[MOVED FROM OS]Lost CDRoms After Enabling DMA

[Resolved] Hanging Windows Start Up Screen

[Resolved] Error Windows Close Before I Can Read Them

[Resolved] Lost My TCP/IP On Realtek Adapter. Best Next Step?

[Resolved] Help! Fed Up With Wireless Card In Laptop

[Resolved] IE Total Freeze Up

[Resolved] Home Page Never Stays

[Resolved] Networking Problem After Updating

[Resolved] Error Log During Update Install

[Resolved] Add/Remove Program Problem

[Resolved] Error Msg When Windows Starts?!

[Resolved] Lost Administrator Priveleges

[Resolved] Network Card Trouble

[Resolved] Explorer Can't Connect {network Card}

[Resolved] Winsocks Corrupted Can't Get Online

[Resolved] Monitor Messed Up On Restart.

[Resolved] Thumbnails In Explore

[Resolved] Windows Freezing

[Resolved] What The Heck? My Rear Speakers Are No Longer Putting Out Any Sound!

[Resolved] Registry Corruption

[Resolved] Wild Tangent

[Resolved] Zone Alarm: Firewall Initialization Error

[Resolved] System32 Popup - Please Help

[Resolved] XP Home Running Slooow {after MS Works Install}

[Resolved]Annoying Popup Sound

[Resolved] Sloooooooooww Computer All Of A Sudden What Next?


[SOLVED] "run" Missing From Start Menu

[resolved]Lost Ip Address

[SOLVED] Can't Install Win 98 When Internal Cache Enabled

[SOLVED] Can't Connect To Shares Anymore

[SOLVED] Cannot Change My Color Settings

[SOLVED] Can't Share Files

[SOLVED] Can't Share Printers XP/98 Since New Ethe

[SOLVED] CD Burner

[SOLVED] Cdrom Problems

[SOLVED] Audio Card/Driver Problem

[SOLVED] Clone - No Sound

[SOLVED] CDRom Will Not Work.

[SOLVED] Clearing The Start Up Box In Msconfig

[Resolved] Zone Alarm TrueVector - HELP!

[SOLVED] Deskjet USB Printer Doesn´t Install Correctly

[SOLVED] Changed CD Rom

[SOLVED] Corrupted Graphics

[SOLVED] Chucked Network Connection

[SOLVED] Display Issues

[SOLVED] Broke Hubby's Computer With Windows Updates

[SOLVED] Dvd Cd-rom & Cd Burner:

[SOLVED] HELP On Networking

[SOLVED] Creative 52x Cd Drive Problems

[Solved] Computer Beyond Messed Up

[SOLVED] Computer Doesn't Recognize All New Memory

[Solved] Help! Installation Files Don't Work On My New Computer Connected To Network!

[SOLVED] Computer Won't Restart After Installing Network.

[SOLVED] Curser Freezing

[solved] Is Zone Alarm Blocking Posts?

[Solved] How Cam I Make My File Amd Print Sharing Use Without A Password?

[SOLVED] Help! Desktop Completely Black!

[SOLVED] Lost Ata Controller Drivers?

[SOLVED] Help Somethings Murdering My Virtual Memory!

[SOLVED] Installing CD Burner

[Solved] Have To Boot Computer 2X Before Network Access


[Solved] Log On Screen

[SOLVED] Mouse Issues

[SOLVED] I'm Having Trouble Updating My Sound Card Drivers

[Solved] MSN PLUS Toolbar Is Most EVIL

[SOLVED] New Emails For XP User

[SOLVED] Mysterious Death Of Two Cd Drives And Virtual Drive

[SOLVED] Network Card Driver

[SOLVED] No Sound On Laptop

[Solved] Is OEM Safe To Buy?

[Solved] Pc Locks Up While Idle.

[SOLVED] Ongoing Shutdown Problem

[Solved] Norton Antivirus Problem As Well!

[SOLVED] No Sound

[SOLVED] Reinstalling Sound Driver

[SOLVED] My Printer Quit Working.

[SOLVED] Random Freezing On Anything

[SOLVED] No Sound After Downloading Windows Update

[SOLVED] Random System Freezes

[Solved] Remebering Desktop

[SOLVED] No Sound!

[SOLVED] Printer Driver Problem

[Solved] PCTSPK Issues

[SOLVED] Problem With My Network Card.

[SOLVED] Printer Driver

[Solved] Reconciling Screen Saver And Powering Down Monitor.

[SOLVED] No Cdrom And Burner

[SOLVED] Printer Partly Working

[SOLVED] Sound Driver

[SOLVED] Sound Echo'ing

[Solved] Resetting Searches

[SOLVED] Sound Issues

[SOLVED] Try To Load A Program

[SOLVED] Trying To Find Sound Card Driver

[SOLVED] Mac Hd With Windows Pc

[SOLVED] Lost Icon

[Solved] ScanSoft Startup Registration Menu Glitch

[SOLVED] Stupid Webcam Wont Work!

[SOLVED] Undesired Re-boots

[SOLVED] No Sound After Formatting

[SOLVED] Stuttering Sound

[SOLVED] Sound Problems

[SOLVED] Sound Problems.

[SOLVED] Scanreg /restore

[SOLVED] Scanreg Restore

[SOLVED] USB Devices Seriously Weird

[SOLVED] Start Menu

[Solved] Sloow Boot Time After Promise Card Installation

[SOLVED] Printer Wont Work On Xp

[Solved] Slow Boot For W2000pro

[SOLVED] Where Are My Flashing TV Screens In System Tray?

[SOLVED] Speaker Problem

[SOLVED] Undeletable File.

[SOLVED] Still No Sound

[Solved] Problem Renaming Images

[SOLVED] Sound Card Problems

[SOLVED] Quick Launch Won't Work

[Solved] Task Bar

[Solved] Windows Music?

[Solved] Quick Shortcut To Desktop Question

[SOLVED] Windows Randomly Restarting

[SOLVED] Using The 'Eraser' Program.cont'd

[SOLVED] Strange Program Causing Problems?


[SOLVED] Transfer Files Using Ethernet Cable

[Solved] Windows Update Goes Bazerk When You Enable Norton?

[SOLVED] Why Don't My CD-ROMs Play Music Any More?

[Solved] 'win Min' And Pop Ups

[SOLVED] USB Not Recognizing Digital Camera

[SOLVED] Window Login Every Time I Restart (ttt)

[SOLVED] Win NT/2000 Task Bar

[SOLVED] Win XP And WinMe With Router

[solved]Blank: Windows Pop-up. Check Hijacklog Please

[Solved]Norton Won't Install

[Solved] Security Helps Are Locking Up

[SOLVED] Web Cam Problems

[Solved] Win Min Won't Go Away. Help Please )

[SOLVED]If I Remove USB Host Controller And Root Hub.will They Reinstall On Reboot?

[SOLVED] Website In Right-Click Menu!? NEED HELP A.S.A.P!

[Windows 7] Drag Top To Fullscreen Feature - How To Disable?

[Solved]Spybot S&D Update?

[SOLVED] USB/Scanner Problem

[XP] Windows Movie Maker -> Video DVD. How?

[Windows 7] Taskbar Button Size & 5.1 Surround Sound Problem

[Windows] Possible Keylogger - Log Included

[solved]still Trouble With Win Min

[SOLVED] Sound Problem Again

{Advice Given} - Boot Delays

{Advice Offered} - Blue Screen On Boot Up (Missing Or Corrupt DLL File)

{Advice Offered} - Dual Booting Windows NT On Windows ME

[Solved] Windows Explorer View

{Advice Offered} - Icons On Startup Menu Turned Black

[Solved] Vspf5.sys Error Shuts Down Windows.

{Advice Given} - How Do I Change The Temp Dir. Size Or Drive In Win NT?

{Advice Given} - Automatic Restart

{Advice Offered} - Reduce Font On Start Menu

{Advice Offered} - Boot Problem

{Advice Offered} - IE Favorites Problem


{Advice Offered} - Don't Want Personalized Settings

{Advice Offered} - Kanalyze And Symbol Files

{RESOLVED} Can't Get Network Card To Work

{Advice Offered} - Win2K Logoff Choice Gone From Start Menu

{Advice Offered} - Forgot Admin Password

[Windows 10] Network 2 No Internet Access

{MOVED FROM WIN OS}Failed Fixed Drive 0

{Advice Offered} - NT 3.5 - Corrupt $badclus Not Fixed By CHKDSK

{Resolved} - Cant Get DHCP Going

{Advice Offered} - Tweak UI

{Advice Offered} - 16-bit Applications

{Resolved} - Kmode_Exception_Not_handled

{Advice Offered} - NT Too Sluggish - Disk Chugs For A While Then Goes

{Resolved} - Loss Of User Accounts

{Moved To Windows Hardware Forum} - BIOS Upgrade

{RESOLVED} Sound Card Problem

{RESOLVED} My CD Burner Keeps Giving Me Error Messages!

{Advice Offered} - Windows 2k Shuts Off Ramdomly

{RESOLVED}Building New Computer Woes

{RESOLVED}Cd-rom Won't Automatically Run Games

{Solved} - Cannot See Network Shares


{Solved} - Can't Open Registry

{RESOLVED}New Video Card. Taskbar Gone

{RESOLVED}Vid Resolution Problem

{RESOLVED}Monitor Shut-Off

{Solved} - Getting Rid Of ">>" On Start Menu

{Solved} - Win9X Not Running NT Login Script

{Solved} - Need Help With Networking Not Working Please!

{RESOLVED}PCanywhere 9.2 For WinMe

{SOLVED} Connecting CD And CD-RW Audio Cable To Sound Card

{SOLVED} Shortcut Setting On Desktop

{SOLVED} Drivers For My Mouse

{RESOLVED}Network Neighborhood Gone

{RESOLVED}New Keyboard Frustration

{SOLVED} HP Deskjet 722C Print Problem

{SOLVED} Missing Cd-rom

{SOLVED} IDE Drivers Not Being Reconized In Windows Me

{SOLVED} No Sound With New Sound Card

{SOLVED} Sound Card Problems

{SOLVED}Sound Problems

{SOLVED}Sound Card & Driver

{SOLVED} Scandisk & Defrag Problem On HDD

{SOLVED} My Microphone Is Messed Up!

{SOLVED} Windows ME & HP Lj3100

0000008b Error When Installing Windows

{RESOLVED}Registry Key PgSoft?

{SOLVED} Office97 Install

0x000000C1 Bsod Rebooting On Loop

0xb8 Stop Error

{SOLVED} Unable To Open Files In Any MS App



0xc0150004 Error Message

0xc0150004 Error When Installing Applications

0xc0150004 Problem.

007 Nightfire To Run In Windows 10?

100% CPU Usuage+no Task Manager & Regedit

100% CPU/Memory

1 TB Hard Disk Partition Having Win 7 64 Bit OS

{SOLVED} CD Burner Error

100% CPU Usage Spikes

12% Disc Space On C Drive

0xc0150004 Errors

100% CPU Plus Major Memory Usage = Serious Case Of The Blues!

10-key Refuses To Work.

100% CPU Possibly Hardware


1) Client For Microsoft Networks / 2) Wifi Adapter And Router Connectivity Problem

1) Hp R80 Problems; 2) How To Find USB Port Version?

10 Minute Startup

16 Bit Windows Sunsystems Proxy

~5 Min Of No Sound After Boot Up

194MB RAM Missing Redirect Malware

10 Free Update? Proxy Malware Proxy Malware

10 Upgrade - Update Failed Error Code 80240020

2 Annoying Popups Every Time I Open Outlook?

2 Different Sound Problems

2 Irritating Windows Explorer Problems

19 Hours And Still Waiting MS Update

2 Make Our PC Monitor Family Friendly :>)

2 Desktops

2 Memory Sticks Xp Only Reads 1

2 Pcs To Check Not Sure Which 1 Causing The Problem

2 Persisting New Laptop Issues

2 Problems In 1! Synaptics Pointing Driver & Windows Defender

2 Sound Cards At Once

2 Unknown Exe Ask For Internet Access After Factory Reset Of Laptop

2 Registry Startup Entries That Can't Be Deleted

2 Sets Of Computer Icons In Bottom Bar?

2 IDE HD For Raid Setup

20 Gb Disk Drive Installation

2 Windows Installations On SSD

2 Issues: Programs Fail To Start With Windows

2 Windows And Not Internet

2000 Update Causes Problem

20 Mins To Boot Up (somethings Wrong)

2000 Boot Analyser Available?

2 Possible SpybotS&D 1.3 Issues

2 Very Messed Up P.c. - Login/logoff Loop; Crash

2 Programs Won't Start Up.

2hrs & Microsoft Tech Couldn't Fix App Store Error

2 Xphome Boxes Not Talking Help

2nd Display Screen Wont Show Up. HDMI Cable.

2nd Desktop Not Recognizing Shared Internet Connection

2 Windows Users 1 WIFI Connection

2nd User Not Working

3 Things Spybot Can't Fix Even On Restart Test.

3 Suspicious Startup Items

3 Programs Opened Themselves Up?

30+ Minute Startup

30 - 45 Minute Boot Time

3 Computers On Network Of 10 Not Connecting To Internet

32 Exe Corrupted

30 Minute Boot Time

32-64bit Upgrade F Drive Failure

3.5 Gigs Of Ram Recognized

30+ Min Scandisc/disc Check

3rd Party GUI Messed Up Windows

3 Minute Boot Time

3D Graphics Messed Up?

30 Minute Boot-up Windows XP

30 Second Freeze

3 Sets Of Computer Icons In Bottom Bar?

5.1 Audio Device Won't Play 5.1 (Configure Greyed Out).

5.5 Internal Error

4 Monitors 1 Computer Recongnize

5lo - Many Applications Will Not Start Up

64bit Graphics Card Drivers Problem.

500mb Used Ram At Startup :/

4k Laptop Scaling Problem?

5 Minutes To Boot

4k Zenbook To Separate Monitor

5-8 Secs Of Windows Response After Start-up Than Frozen

8.1 OEM Or Full Version

64x Vista Stalling/softlock

8.1 To 10 Upgrade. Possable Any More Free?

802.11 Disappeared

8.1 Updates Before Win 10?

64 Bit System-graphics Problems.

5.1 Soundcard And Normal Stereo Loudspeaker?

5.1 Speakers And Stereo Headphones Issue

8800GTS Locking Computer / Screen Shut Off

98/XP Compatible Programs

90 % Memory Usage Help Plz

A Big Problem Regarding Memory Usage

A Few Annoying XP Problems

A Couple Bsod's

6 (six!) Minute Boot Up. HELP!

A Easy Program That Will Reset Things

A Guide For All The Different Versions Of One Note?

A Bug?.computer Keeps Restarting

A Lot Of Applications Are Not Running On Windows 10

A Number Of Processes Are Slowing Down Computer And Using Way Too Much Memor

A Question About Updating Windows

A Strange Thing In Taskbar Properties.

A Serious Problem With Taskbar

A Really Bad Problem. Slow Startup

A Lot Of Disk Activity And Sound/video Problem

A Windows Update Screen Has Prevented Me From Accessing My Desktop

A Second Window Keeps Opening When I Am Online - Logs/attachments Included

A Whole Lota Driver Issues

A: Drive Disappeared

A Virus Has Disabled My Anti-virus

A Tweaked SSD & Windows 10

A Way To Make Windows Maximize To A Certain Size.

A Windows Update Makes A Problems

A Wireless Network Problem: Ethernet Adaptor

A User Account Has Gone Missing On Start-up

About Had It With Win 10 Iso Hanging

About Blank And Generally Slow Running Machine

Abnormally Slow Laptop . Is There A Problem?

About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Accelerated OpenGL Not Found

Access - Comdlg.DLL Error

Accadentally Deleted Playback Driver

Access 95 Slow In Windows XP

Access Denied Trying To Delete Folder

Access Denied To My Documents Folder After Reinstallation Of Windows Xp Please Help.

Access Denied To My Documents On Differnt PC

Access: Network Update Problem

Accessability In XP For Sight-Impaired

Accessing C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT

Accidentally Deleted Keys In Registry?

Accidental Install.

Accidently Installed Windows 8 On Windows 7

Acer Aspire 5000 Sound Issue

Accidentally Ruined My Boot Sector. Is It Possible To Fix?

Account Loses Admin Rights

Account With Nothing But System-critical Processes Running At Startup?

Acer Aspire E15 Touch Flickering Screen After Windows 10

Accidental Registry Deletion

Acer Aspire 5235: Inernert (Ethernet/Wireless) ICS Is Disabled.

Acer Aspire Desktop Stuck In Endless Reboot Cycle

Account Settings Issues

Acer Aspire Using Windows 10 Won't Connect To The Internet

Acer Aspire 5602WLMi BSOD Endless Restarting

Acer Computer Does Not Retain Video Settings?

Accidently Deleted Sound

Acer Aspire Suddenly Says To Activate After After 5 Months.

Acer Desktop Windows 7 Computer Won't Get Past The Microsoft Corporation Balck Screen

Accidental Download Of Updates Office XP

Acer P223w Monitor Right Hand Side Blurring

Acer Vista Download From Cannon Camera Problem

Acer Laptop Won't Operate On Windows 10

Acessing Vista And Xp

Acer Laptop IIs This Refurb Or New? If New Whats Wrong With It?

Acer Internal Webcam Not Working In Win 10

Acpi.sys Refrain XP Setup

Activation Problem After Installing New Hardware

Acer Z5700 W7 Won't Install Phone Software

Activation Problems

Active Desktop Refresh

Activating Windows 10 From Vista Product Key.

Active Window. Too Small

Activating Windows With A Different License Key.

Active Windows Only Open To One Third Normal Size

Act! 2006 Full Version And OEM Version--What's The Diff?

Activation Key Error

ActiveSync Installation Problems

Active Window Delselect Itself Often!

Activesync Will Not Install

Activation Key Isn't Valid But Still Allowed To Activate?!

Acer Travelmate 6292 Slow Startup And Shutdown

Activation Problem After Ghost Image

ADAPTER STATE NOT FOUND IN REGISTRY WiFi Stopped Working After Updating To New Driver

Ad Windows In Taskbar And Slow Performance

Active Programs On Taskbar.

Adapters Connected But No Connection

Adapter Help

Ad-aware Update 02-29-04 Available!

Ad-aware Update 30-03-04

Adapter Problem

Adapter Problem

Ad Optimizer Popup

Adapter Settings Issue

Add And Remove Programs Won't Open

Add New Program

Add Or Remove Programs Won't Open

Active Window Loses Focus

Add Email Account Win 10 Mail

Add/Remove Won't Open

Ad-aware Update 07/26/05

Add/Remove Programs Not Loading

Added Wireless Router; Lost Wired Connectivity

Adding An Apple IMAC G5 To A Windows Network

Add Printer Problem

Add Printer Problem

Adding A Drive To Windows RAID-5?

Add/remove Programs Wont Open

Add/Remove Programs Won't Open In Control Panel

Adding & Removing Headphones Changes Volume

Add/remove Programs Wont Open On Clicking

AddPort.exe Fails During Printer Config On Ugate 3200P Switch/router

Additional Window Won't Open---(hardware Problem?)

Additional Blank Taskbar Items

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