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(NT 2000 ?) Msconfig Won't Run!

(Resolved) EZCD Not Recognizing CD-RW Burner

(Resolved) Can't Associate Anything With Movie Files. Please Help!

(Resolved) Kernel32 Error

(Resolved) Where Did These Icon Come From?

(Resolved) Unable To Locate Component Message

(Solved) Boot Up Problems

(Resolved) Software Hard Locking System

(Resolved) Cd Burning Problems PLEASE HELP!

(Resolved) Un-nessassary Files

(Solved) Desktop Themes?

(Solved) 2000 - MSCONFIG Not Working

(Solved) Help Re: Explorer

(Solved) LSP Fix

(Solved) Sound Problem

(Solved) Wallpaper

(Solved) Download\burn Windows Updates Too CDrom

(Solved) System Commander

(Solved) Windows Explorer Question

*.exe Start Delay.

-.- Welcome Screen Then Freeze

*_*ADS Instant HDTV PCI Code 10 Error HELP!*_*

.doc Files List In W2K "file" Show's Only 4 Out Of 7

.Exe Errors-Help!

.exe Errors(windows XP Home Edition)

.lnk Causing Me Big Problems

.dmp Errors Please Help

.DLL Missing Entry:run

.NET Service Packs -- Automatic Update Tries To Install But Fails

.tif File Thumbnails In Windows 7

? Dual-boot Win XP Pro & Win MCE.

[Error Number: 0x80070002]

?Slow Loading Programs? Help

? Upgrade Vista. Make My Xp Cd Useless

[Nedd Help] My XP Pro Becomes Classic Style

[DRIVER PROBLEMS] Freshly Installed Windows 7

[Resolved] Cant Open Msconfig

[Resolved] Cant Shutdown Xp.

[Resolved] Boot Up Problems

[HELP] Upgrade To 64bit Advice

[Resolved] File SCRRUN.DLL Is Missing

[Resolved] Hanging At "Windows Is Starting Up."

[Resolved] Msconfig Is Gone

[Resolved] No Administrator User Account On Computer

[Resolved] Msconfig Won't Run

[Resolved] Dell M770 Monitor

[Resolved] Little Computers In The Toolbar Stay Solid All The Time

[HELP] Windows 7 Random Freezing

[Resolved] QuickTime 6.3 - Puts Itself Back In Msconfig

[Resolved] Slow Boot Up And Performance

[Resolved] Slow Boot

[Resolved] System Restore Wont Launch.

[Resolved] Startup Problem

[Resolved] Updates Slowed Windows

[resolved] Virus In Explorer.exe Help

[SOLVED] 3 1/2" Floppy Drive Does Not Show

[Resolved] Please Help! {config.nt Error}

[resolved]I Ended Iexplore.exe Process And The Comp Wouldn’t Restart Properly.

[Resolved] Windows Wont Boot

[SOLVED] Boot Problems

[SOLVED] Cannot Access Installation Cd

[SOLVED] CD Burning Problem

[SOLVED] Boot Takes 6 Minutes

[SOLVED] "Boot" Problem

[Solved] Dos Program And Xp

[Solved] Changing The Bootscreen

[SOLVED] Boot Up Problem

[SOLVED] Choosing Which Hard Drive To Load From

[SOLVED] Desktop Full Of Icons

[SOLVED] Comp. Crashes When Installing From Cd

[SOLVED] File Sharing Problem

[Solved] Disk Scan In Windows XP

[SOLVED] Floppy Drive Not Working

[Solved] Free Disk Space Is Out Of Wack.

[SOLVED] Hard Drive Installation. Problem

[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Does Not Work--

[SOLVED] Help In DOS/Load CDRom Software

[Solved] How Do You Replace Notepad?

[SOLVED] Installation Of New DVD-drive?

[SOLVED] Log Off/shutting Down

[SOLVED] How Do I Add/remove Names From 'Workgroup'?

[SOLVED] Is My Log FULLY Cleaned?

[Solved] Homepage Locked

[SOLVED] Installing CD-Rom Drivers


[Solved] Msconfig Regedit Will Not Run

[SOLVED] Need Help Finding My Sound Card Driver?

[SOLVED] Laptop Floppy Drive Not Working.

[Solved] Incompatible Software Causing XP Crash

[SOLVED] Memory Installation

[SOLVED] New Install Of Me

[Solved] My Notepad.exe Has Disappeared

[SOLVED] Opening Files With Different Programme

[SOLVED] Office XP With Windows 98se

[SOLVED] Problem New HD And Windows Boot

[SOLVED] Running Dos

[SOLVED] Problems On Boot

[Solved] Too Many Programs Loading.

[SOLVED] Problems With Sound Card/device

[SOLVED] Network Card Slowing Start-up

[Solved] Scandisk Keep Starting With Windows ?

[SOLVED] USB Frustration!

[Solved] Regedit Won't Work.

[Solved] Startup After Instailling Sp 1

[SOLVED] Sound Problem !

[Solved] Sharing Printers Between Win98 And XP?

[SOLVED] Shutdown Problems

[SOLVED] Sound Card Troubles

[Solved] With WinUpdate.

[Solved] WNTIPCFG.exe Does Not Run On My System!

[SOLVED] Where Do I Find The Icon For A Folder In XP?

[Solved] Windows Update Question (Driver)

[Solved] Why Won't System Tools/System Information Come Up?

[SOLVED] XP Screensaver Password

[SOLVED] Win 98 Starts To Desktop

[SOLVED] Sound Card Driver Type


[solved]Buffoon - Used Lspfix And Deleted 4 Files Now Can't Get On-line - HELP!

[Solved] Win2K Desktop Icon Problem

\windows 7 No Sound

{Advice Given} - Win 2K Use Of File Associations

[XP] Strange Taskbar/Application Windows

[XP]Computer Doesn't Read Router? :/

{Advice Given} - I Think I'm Ready For Win 2000

[xp] Blue Screen Problem With Memory:

[Windows 7] I Have Internet

{Advice Offered} - Config.nt Files= In Professional

{Advice Given} - Optimizing Pagefile In 2000

{Advice Offered} - DOS Applications In Wwindows NT

{Advice Given} - Multiple NT User Profiles

{Advice Offered} - Mapping Network Drives With Win9X Client

{Moved To Hardware} Can't Find Modem After Reformatting

{Advice Offered} - Win2k Server License Question (upgrade?)

{Advice Offered} - Managing NT Password With RAS 95 Connection


{Advice Offered} - Username/log-on

{Advice Offered} - Shortcuts For DOS Executables

{Resolved} - Help Installing Windows NT - Bad Screen Card


{Advice Offered} - NT And Internet Explorer Conflicts

{Moved To Hardware Forum} - New System Build

{RESOLVED} Shutdown Problem

{Advice Offered} - Problem With Mapped Drives

{Resolved} - Losing Connection Win98 To NT Server

{Resolved} - Svchost.exe On Win2K Taking 99% Resources!

{RESOLVED} Printers And DOS

{Resolved} - Swapping Motherboard

{Resolved} Wsock32.dll Problem

{RESOLVED}explorer Repair Tool Missing

{RESOLVED}Is It Ok To Delete Windows Notification Update?

{RESOLVED}Icons-Open With

{Advice Offered} - Windows 2000 Messenger Service

{RESOLVED}Have A Big Problem With Direct 3d. PLEASE HELP!

{RESOLVED}Direct 3d Problem?

{Solved} - Network Card Driver Enabled

{Solved} - Cannot Log-on To NT

{RESOLVED}opening Up My CPU

{Solved} - 2 NICs Acting As One

{SOLVED} Boot Problem

{RESOLVED}unable To Burn Data Cd's

{Solved} - Windows 9x Computers Can't View Win2k Pro Share

{RESOLVED}Uninstalling WINXP And 2000

{Solved} - Win2000 And Win ME

{SOLVED} Can't Find Modem On COM2 After Reformat HD

{RESOLVED}New Hard Drive Installation

{Solved} Serious Boot Problems!

{Solved} Serious Boot Problems!

{Solved} - Can't Install Raster Fonts

{RESOLVED}networking Winxp/2k/98

{Solved} Um. Whats Happening To My PC?

{SOLVED} ScanDisk: Keeps Restarting

< Internet Music Opens DVD >

{SOLVED} Resolution Icon Missing In Systray

0x0000009C Help!?

0x0000000d Error (printer Sharing) Between XP 32-bit And Windows 7 32-bit

0x09f BSOD - .dmp File Included

0 Bytes Size Registry Hive


0x0000000A Error In Windows XP

1 Update Wont Install At All

100% CPU Virus

0xc000000e System Faliure

100 Software Freebies

100% CPU/Slow Computer/Driver Problems?

1 Windows Update Will Not Install

0xcoooooo5 Userinit Error Can't Log In

1.exe On A Server User Profile

16 Bit Program Read Error

100.0 Mbps ?

12 Svchost.exe Processes With No Apps? Slamming Disc


2 Computers On Home Network Only One Can See The Other

2 Critical Updates Available On Windows Updates

2 Lost .dll Modules

2 Different Background Images On ExtededDesktop?

2 Crashes In 2 Days! And Minidumps

2 Monitors - Mirrored

2 Of 4 Users Settings Disappear

2 Quick Questions About Installation (slipstreamed Upgrade

20 Minutes To Boot Up

2000Pro WMP And WinNT Folder

2nd User Account Running Way Too Slow

2 Xp Home On Harddrive After Install

2nd Install Of XP

256mb Installed

3 Win 7 PC's PC3 Cannot See/access PC2

32 & 64 Bit Windows 7 Professional

200GB WD Recognized Once But Forgotton

2GB To 4GB Upgrade On Vista Produces Windows Error Recovery

32bit/64bit Printer Networking

3 Com 905B-TX Card

32-bit Applications Not Working Since Windows Update (x64)

32bit To 64bit - New Licence?

3com Nic

32 Bit Windows Xp Upgrade 64 Bit Windows 7

37 Processes & Very Slow Startup!

4 New Services Running After Xp Update ?

40 Processes Running - Computer Freezing!

3GB RAM Only Detecting 1GB

4920387.exe Error

64bit Drivers.

7 AND Vista Possible On Same Machine?

64 Bit Intall Help

7 64 Bit Stopped Booting Correctly Suddenly

7 Install Problems

7 Random Freezes Every Few Days

802.11b Wireless LAN Card On Windows 2000

4GB RAM Limited To 2.75GB ?

82845G Intel Graphics Card And DirectX?

82865g Intel Driver For Vista?

7 Ultimate / Vista Cannot Browse Network

8.1 Update 1.You Must Be Kidding Right?

A Bluetooth Software Setup Startup

A Few Questions About A New Windows 7 Install

8/13/13 Win 7 Updates

A Cd Rom Driver Needed

7 Cannot See An XP Printer

A Few Windows 7 Issues

A CD/DVD Device Driver Is Missing While Installing Windows 7

A Few Various (but Frustrating) Problems With Windows XP.

A Few Questions About Moving To Windows 7.

A Lot Of Computer Start-up Errors. NEED HELP!

A Little Fun With Multiple Monitors

A Little Help With Data Backup On XP!

A Problem Wiyh A VBSfile.

A New Trick For Windowz Explorer.

A Quick Launch Toolbar "Toolbar" Has Glued Itself To My IE

A Problem With Starting Up.

A Simple Question About Workgrps.

A Required CD/DVD Device Driver Is Missing

A Question Regarding An Update To Windows 7

A Windows Crtical Update

A Restore CD.How Do You Make One?

A2DP Stream From IPhone To Windows 7

A USB Peripheral Not Working On Another Identical Computer.

A Program That Searches For Updates Installs And Reboots

About Windows Registry Corruption

About Backups Of Win 7

AC3Filter: S/PDIF Outputting Side Speakers Not Rear.

Access Permission On Win7

Access Windows Home Network Without Being On It?

Access Two Networks From One PC

Accessing Master Boot List/System Startup Menu?

Accidentally Powered Off Computer Right As Rollback Started--Please Help!

Accessing Wireless Network

Acer Aspire Desktop Will Not Install Any Printer

Acer Netbook Reinstall

Acer Driver

Acer Aspire With Windows 7

Acer Software

Acer Drivers On Windows XP

Acer Aspire 5742-454g50 Cannot Load Windows 7

Acer Wont Load Windows 7 !

Acer Windows 7 Free Upgrade?

Achieved Dual Booting XP Pro And Vista But Now Vista Stopped Booting Up

Acessing A ROM File In XP

Activating Windows XP Pro File Permissions

Activating Netowrk Discory And File Sharing Makes Internet Stop Working

Active Directory Slow Logon

Acronis Backup And Recovey 2010 Won't Install

Active Desktop Wallpaper Issue

Activation Expired

Activating XP Home After Second Installaion

Activating Windows After The Time Period Lapse

Activating Windows 7 Issues

Activating Clean Install Of Windows 7 Upgrade - Lost E-mail With Product Key

ActiveSync Installation Problem (windows XP)

Ad Hoc File Sharing Securely In WinXP

Active Window Just Stops Working.!

Active Window Icons Broken

Activated Windows Xp Twice On Different Pc's.

Activating A GENUINE Windows XP Install On Another Computer

Adaptec 2906 XP 64

Add Startup Screen To Computers

Add/Remove Corrupted In Win2000 ?

Add Xp To New Win7 Pc

Add/Remove Program Is Not Open

Add Remove Programs Not Working

Add Remove Programs Not Working.

Add/remove Program Will Not Open

Add/Remove Programs Not Working!

Add/Remove Programs Not Working

Adding A Backup IDE Drive To My Computer Slows It To A Crawl.

Add Or Remove Programs From Start-up

Adding / Removing Software With W7

Adding New User To Network

Adding Two Separate XP's To BCD Bootloader?

Add Vista Computer To Xp Network

Add/Remove Not Working

Adding Network User

Adding XP Pro Comp To Network

Add'l Info On SVCHOST Problem

Adjust Brightness In Monitor

Adding Vista PC To Network With XP's

Administrator Problems

Admimstrator Account

Administrator Priveleges Working But Not?

Adding Partitions - Win 7-64 Bit

Admin Account

Administrator / User Accounts

Admin Lock Out

Admin Account Can't Print

Administrator User Account

Administrator Access

Administrator User Accounts

Administrator Doesn't Have Administrator Rights

Administrator Or User?

Admin Problem On Windows 7

Adjusting Monitor Brightness

Administrator Problems Windows 7

Administrator Problems.

Admin User Has No Admin Rights?

Admin Account Not Working Properly

Administrative Account And Other User Log On Missing At Welcome Screen.

Administrator Account Cannot Make Changes

Admibstrator Acct.

Administrator In W7

Admin Problems In Windows 7

Administartor Sign In

Administrator Issues

Administrator/User Accounts

Adminstrator Account Not Working

Administrator Log In

Administrator User Login

Administrator Log In ?

Admin Privilages Are Gone!

Admin Rights Not Working For Admin Account

Administrator Permission Problem In Win7

Administrator Login

Administrator's Account In Safe Mode

Adminstrator Problems

Administrator Not Working With Abit Utility

Admin User Account - Im Locked Out!

Admin Account Issue:unable To Install Some Software And No Complete Control Over PC?

Adminstrator Account

Admnistrator Accounts Not Working?

Administrative Account?

Administrator Sign In

Adobe Missing Icons In Windows 7

Administrator Log On

Administrator's Folder Is Gone

Ads Instant Hdtv Pci Code 10

ADS Instant HDTV PCI Code 10 Error

Adobe CS4 & Windows 7

ADS Instant HDTV PCI This Device Cannot Start.(Code 10)

Advanced Backup In Windows 7

Advanced File Sharing + Permissions Over Network

Advanced Sharing Tutorial

Advice For Windows 7 Install

Advice For Slow Starting Computer.

Advice On Upgrading To Vista 64-bit

Advent 9315 Frozen On Startup

Advanced File Sharing W/ XP Pro

Aero Randomly Turns Off.

Aero Randomly Disabled Itself

Aero Disabled

Aero With 82945G

Advice Please: Upgrading Mass Storage Adapter In Windows 2000 Professional

Aero Not Working.

After A Fresh Install Of Windows 7

After Logon Pc Very Slow On 1 User Account

Aero Problems

After Clean Install

After Formatting My Lappy And Putting Windows 7 WLAN Adapter Can Not Be Found.

After Installing An Update

After Running SFC Windows Must Be Activated

After Virus: CMD Loads Before Desktop

After Logging In Everything Disappears

After SP1 Question

Aero And Internet Stops Working

After Reformating I Have To Use Router Card

After Windows 7 Auto Update

AHCI In Vista?

After Dll Replacement Windows Won't Start

AIM Hangs When Switch Users In Winxp

Alienware Windows 7 Disc On 2nd Pc.

All Applications Open With Notepad: Help

All Downloads Failing In Windows 7

All Applications Opening With Notepad

All Freeze When I Touch The Keyboard In Windows 7 Safe Mode

All Applications Crash When External Process Started From Them

ALL Games Randomly Minimizing (within The Last Month)

All Of My PROGRAMS Open As A Notepad File

All Of A Sudden Folders Open Slow So Slow

All Of My Default Microsoft Games Vanished

All My User Data Seems To Be Missing

All Programs Are Loading Super Slow

All Programs Open In One Program

All Windows Updates Fail To Install.ALL OF THEM!

AllPrograms Floder In XP

All Pictures Saved Through IE (with Vista) As BMP

All Programs Keep On Minimizing While Im Working On Them. Too Annoying!

Am I Ready For Vista?

Annoying Mouse Over Taskbar Popups

Annoying Startup Message- Should I Change The Registry?

Annoying Windows Update Reminder

Annoying Icon On Desktop

Another "different" Random Lock-up Post

Another Explorer.exe Issue!

Another Filesharing Problem!

Another Defrag Issue

Another Msconfd Error Plus More

Another Msconfig Problem!

Another One Of Those Cant Run RegEdit Posts.

Another SVCHOST Problem

Another Slow Xp Netbook

Another SVCHOST Prpblem

Another SCVHOST Problem

Another Slow Boot Up

Another Slow Booting Computer

Another Userinti.exe Problem

Another Windows 7 Question

Another Windows 7 Security Problem

Another Windows 7 Updates Not Downloading Problem.

Another Windows 7-Windows Xp Sharing Files Problem

Another Vista/XP File Sharing Issue

Another Problem With Start Up

Another Windows Shutdown Failure

Anti-virus Windows Update Won't Start

Any Problem With Installing Win7

Any Known Issues With Upgrading To VISTA

Any More Recommended Security After Reformat And Reinstall?

Any Way To Burn Windows Updates To A Disk?

Anyone Able To Help With A VBS Script Please?

Any Way Back To XP

Anyway To Get Transparency With Aero?

Anyone Tried Time Traveler For Windows 7 Or Vista?

Anyway To Create Bootable Windows 7 CDs?

Anyone Used LSP-fix

Anything Different With Windows 7 Enterprise Installs?

Apparent Problem With Windows 7 Updates - June 13/14

Apple Push Process On Start-up?

Appcrash Issue

Appcrash On Basic Softwares

Appearance Settings


Application Drops Network Connection In Windows 7

Applications Very Slow In Loading

APPCRASH In Windows Mail

App Crash On Windows 7

Applications Crash After Waking In Windows 7 64-bit When Keyboard Is Used

Are There Problems With W7 April 2014 Updates?

Are COA's Transferable Between OS's (ME -> XP)?

Are Computer Suppliers Re-outfitting PCs With Windows 7 After It's Release?

Arrange Icons By -> Show In Groups

Arhhhhh: Windows Network Install Or Boot To USB

Areo Problem.

Arrow Cursor Freezes Up

ASPI 32-bit CD-ROM For Windows

ASPI Is Not Properly Installed

ASPI Layer

ASRock Motherboard P4i65G

Asus Motherboard Windows Install

At Start Up

At Least 5 Svchosts.exe Comp. Slow

At Start-up

At Start-up

At Logon Screen

ASPI-adapter Not Available

At Startup

At Startup.

Asus X255E

AtiTools With Radeon 9550

Ati2dvag Error

Attn: Krelian - Mouse Freezes - Restart Fixes (revisited)

Attention! Sale Of Windows 7 To End On 10/31/2014

Attached Log - Computer Running Slow

Audio Dirvers Needed

Audio Drivers And Volume

Audio Cd But Blank Options

Audio Problem In Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

Audio Playback Problem In Win 7

Audio Malfunction!

Audio Problem Withe 64 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

Audio Driver (Win 7)

Audiodg.exe Is Causing Speakers’ Sound Malfunctioning

Audio Problem On New Build

Auto Updates Won't Install

Auto Start-up

Auto Play & Registry

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